Best Men Curly Hairstyles: How To Pull Off The Sexiest Look On Your Wavy Hair

Mina Muzumdar |Jul 25, 2019

Though the struggle with curly hair is real, the sexiest look today is natural and wild. Here are the best men curly hairstyles that work with your natural hair texture that will help you pull off the perfect look for all occasion.

Though many people find it's hard to style curly hair, the sexiest look today is still natural and wild. While some people find a way against their wavy hair such as straight or shape it off, we are here to tell you that's not the best way to treat your hair.

Here are the best men curly hairstyles that work with your natural hair texture that will help you pull off the perfect look.

Men curly thick hairstyles

Curly undercut hairstyle

Men curly wavy hairstyles

If you have a thick curly hair and try to google 'men hairstyle for curly thick hair' or 'men hairstyles curly thick hair', surely the first result comes out will be curly undercut style. This even the hot trend that picking up speed in the fashion world in recent years. While the undercut is most suitable for thick hair because it needs a clear contrast between the top and the side, adding some wavy on top can create a dramatic look.

All the wavy

If you have nice curly hair then the only thing you need is to grow it out naturally. However, don't let your natural ringlets messing around with the sides of your head unless you want to look like a kid.

men hairstyles with curly hair

Men haircuts curly hair short

The buzz cut

men hairstyles curly hair

The buzz cut may be a military-inspired style but if you have curly hair but less time to style it, this is the best choice for you. However, to opt the buzz cut, you head need to have a perfect shape and it also requires you to visit barbershop more often than the other styles. This obviously one of the best men curly hairstyles.

“The buzz cut is a timeless style,” hairstylist Brent Pankhurst said.

Short Tight Curls

Many people find it's more difficult to manage smaller and tighter curls. Nevertheless, you still can enhance your natural curls with a suitable style and good taking care tips. And the tip here is styling mousse and a proper blow-drying.

men hairstyles curly thick hair

Young men curly hairstyles

The wave fade

Find a way to refresh your look? The wave fade would be your perfect answer if you have some craziness and a will to experience this style. The highlight of this hairstyle is to dye your hair with unnatural colour like smoking violet or blue layer by layer. This hairstyle ensures you with an absolutely epic curl ever.

Blow-dried curly hairstyle

Men curly hairstyles

The best men curly hairstyles for the youth may be the blow-dried style, however, it needs an extra effort to take care of. Nevertheless, with hairdryer and styling products, it works out for all hair type regardless of the texture: thin or thick while making bouncy curls. 

Tips to take care of curly hair for men

In order to have the best men curly hairstyles, you need a good hair care routine. Along with the best hairstyles, here are tips to take of curly hair for men.

men curly hairstyles 2019

  • Moisturizing shampoo: Curly hair normally much drier than the other hair types. Therefore, you need a special moisturizing shampoo for curly hair to retain natural moisture. You should also wash your hair maximum three times per week.
  • Conditioner: Like the same reason above, curly hair especially needs conditioner after washing, moreover it should be a deep conditioner to keep your hair soft, undamaged while reducing frizz.
  • Curl cream: To create epic curls, adding some curl cream to your natural hair and let your hair dry naturally.
  • Natural styling: Instead of straightening your hair or against its natural shape, you should give your curls definition by twisting it when your hair still wet.
  • Smoothing serum: The main use of smoothing serum is to reduce frizz and smooth your hair.

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