7 Best Face Masks Which Do Magic On Your Skin

Priyansh Ha |Feb 15, 2019

To cut off time and money for experiments, here are our reviews of 7 best face masks from creams to clays which might do magic on your skin.

The face mask is one of the ideal treatment to improve your skin. However, not all top-rated products work to your skin. To cut off time and money for experiments, here are our reviews of 7 best face masks from creams to clays which might do magic on your skin.


1. Clarins SOS Comfort Nourishing Balm Mask, £30

Expectation: This product is said to calm and soothe dry skin. The ultra-rich texture will nourish your skin from the inside and leave a soft, radiant effect on your skin just 10 minutes after use.

Reality: This mask is definitely a hero for dry skin, especially in the winter. You just need to apply it for 10 minutes to have a smooth and hydrated skin which enhances the makeup effect. One plus point is the product doesn’t make you feel sticky or greasy at all.

Rating: 9/10


2. Sand and Sky Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask, £39.99

Expectation: This 4-in-1 clay mask will do the magic on your skin within 10 minutes. It helps to absorb sebum deep inside pores, brighten your skin and protect it from pollution.

Reality: With a brush, it’s easy to apply the mask. Leave it dry on your skin for 10 minutes and rinse off with water. The result is quite positive as my skin is soft, clean and a bit more radiant. However, it seems like nothing’s changed with my blackheads or pores. You pores might get tighten but only after several uses.

Rating: 7/10.


3. Niod Flavanone Mud, £38

Expectation: This three-phase treatment is expected to deeply clean and purifies your skin. It prevents the effect of environmental damage and toxins.

Reality: Even when this product contains 3 different types of clays, it does not have the tingling effect, which is popular among clay masks. Anyway, the final result is beyond expectation that my skin literally glows without any makeup.

Rating: 8/10


4. Burt's Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask, £19.99

Expectation: With Clary Sage extract, Burt's Bees Intense is said to be a hero for dry skin which needs to improve wrinkles and fine lines.

Reality: This fragrance-free mask has done an excellent job on my dry and sensitive skin. After applying it for 10 minutes, the white texture becomes transparent but leaves residue on the surface. You should use a soft flannel to wipe it off instead of tissue as instructed. At last, my skin is moisture enough in the winter.

Rating: 8/10


5. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, from £14

Expectation: This mask is a combination of natural agents like bamboo charcoal and China clay. While bamboo charcoal, which is proven to be effective at unclogging residue, while China clay detoxifies the skin and remove environmental toxins.

Reality: The first impression is the thick texture of the mask and its natural smell (of charcoal and clay). After applying it on the skin for 10 minutes, it feels like your skin is stretching as the mud dries off. It’s tough to remove the dried mask, and you need to rinse off with warm water carefully. However, it’s worth the effort cause the result is satisfying. It leaves a smooth and bright effect on my skin. Even the pimple I had to disappear after 4 times of using this product.

Rating: 8/10 


6. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Masque, £42

Expectation: The botanical extracts like Cucumber, Chamomile, Papaya, Sugar Maple, Pineapple,  Aloe Vera, Orange, and Lemon bring the feeling of a fresh, all-nature product. With gel texture, it helps soothe and hydrate your irritated skin after waxing, peels or sun exposure.

Reality: After several facial product experiments, my skin was red and irritated. I decided to try this natural gel as the last hope before going to see the doctor. Surprisingly it works. The cooling gel helps soothing down my allergy skin as the red marks get back to normal.

Rating: 9/10


7. Charlotte Tilbury Goddess-Skin Clay Mask, £38

Expectation: Obviously this product is expected to leave a result just like Goddess Skin. In details, the included ingredients function as a skin moisturiser and cleaning agents.  

Reality:  This product works well on combination skin. It profoundly cleans out the dirt stuck in pores and nourishes your skin without feeling tight or dry. I found the key ingredients are rosehip oil and sweet almond which are the best nourishing substances. The result is absolutely perfect as my skin super bright and soft while pores are tightened.

Rating: 10/10


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