10 Best Essential Oils That Save Your Irritated And Itchy Skin

Priyansh Ha |Feb 22, 2019

Try any of these listed natural essential oils to relieve your itchy skin as soon as possible.

Itchy seems to be the most terrible thing which can happen to our skin. Once your skin gets itchy, you cannot stop yourself from scratching which leads to a worse situation. If heavy medical cream doesn’t work or you’re looking for a natural solution to save your irritated skin, essential oils are the best. These purest plant extracts contains amazing therapeutic properties. These natural treatments, however, take a little longer to see the effects.


To deal with dry itchy skin, mix essential oils with a base oil like coconut, jojoba seed or olive oils. In case you’re suffering from severe and raw irritated skin, mix the oil with aloe vera gel to calm down your skin. According to Amy Galper, founder of the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, you'd better avoid appling these pure essential oils directly to your sensitive skin as it can mess everything up.

Try any of these below natural essential oils to relieve your itchy skin as soon as possible:


1. Tea Tree Essential Oil

The impacts of tea tree oil on skin soothing is incredible. It, however, can only be applied in some cases like a bug bite, rash or infection. It works perfectly as an anti-inflammatory substance. As drying up bacteria, it might cause itchy skin due to dryness worse. 2

2. Lavender Essential Oil

The renowned natural oil is a star in soothing inflammation and relieving pains. For irritated skins caused by anxiety, the floral scent will make you feel relax. In short, this multi-tasking oil is quintessential, one of the best solutions for itchy skin.


3. Chamomile Essential Oil

You might see this herbal in your caffeine-free tea which effectively supports sedation and relaxation. In addition to that, chamomile oil extract is also a natural anti-inflation substance for soothing skin.

4 4. Geranium Essential Oil

When your skin loses its balance due to stress, the weather or hormones, it becomes irritated or dry. Containing elements to restore the skin equilibrium, geranium would be your little saviour. If your skin frequently gets itchy and dry, you should choose a small bottle of this natural oil.


5. Vetiver Essential Oil

Extracted from the root of vetiver, the essential oil has a vicious and heavy consistency. A thin layer of oil will protect your skin from harmful bacteria and fungus. It’s ideal for damaged skin (itching often leads to torn skin). The deep, earthy scent will also help you feel relax like a spa treatment.


6. Frankincense Essential Oil

With the strong power of alleviating pains and regenerating cells, the frankincense resin has been a panacea since the ancient time. Itchy and scratching obviously disrupts the cell connection. With frankincense oil, your irritated skin not only be soothed down but prepared for the regeneration.


7. Copaiba Balsam Essential Oil

Copaiba balsam oil is another tree-resin just like frankincense. Even when it’s not as popular as the former, the impacts are worth to give it a try. This essential oil will immediately heals your broken skin and boosts the cell regeneration.


8. Helichrysum Essential Oil

This floral extract is an incredible fighter for trauma recovery (caused by bruising, injury and severe scratchiness). With anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, helichrysum essential oil will put up a fence against infection and irritation.


9. Petitgrain Essential Oil

This leave-extracted oil has a thick and sticky texture and sweet orange aroma. The relaxing scent will immediately calm down your over-excited nerves and relieve stress which is a huge problem of irritated skin.


10. Patchouli Essential Oil

This essential oil is a brother of tea tree as both of them contains antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Patchouli, however, does not dry your skin of like tea tree. A great option for dry skin in the winter.


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