Best Biryani In Kolkata – Where To Enjoy Your Favourite Types of Biryani

Ankita Chetana |Feb 12, 2020

In the Indian culture, biryani is must-have food in citizens’ menu to be called the food of God. Here is the best biryani in Kolkata and some restaurants you can check in to fulfill your taste of this mixed rice.

Who can refuse a dish of flavorsome biryani – an everlasting classic meal that doesn’t need an introduction anymore. But have you tried the best biryani in Kolkata, a place rich in tastes and flavors? Aromatic, delicate, and none other things than a plate of biryani can make you feel like heaven.

People believe that biryani initially came from the Mughals to appear in North India. Later, it was South India to take it up to a new level of prominence in Indian’s daily meals through the Arabs. Wherever in India, you can find a place to get into the aroma of this food, but the top biryani in Kolkata we have listed here is undoubtedly a cup of tea to all of us. Have a look!

Best Biryani restaurant in Kolkata

Here we will give you the list of 5 restaurants as well as the best biryani places in Kolkata. As the recipes of biryani in the North and the South of India are different, so let’s go through some places that you can taste well no matter where you are from.

1. Chaccha Jaan Biryani Aur Kebab Waale

Address: 5, Chowbhagha Road, CN Roy Road, Picnic Garden, Kolkata

Price per serving: Rs 300

Menu of Chaccha Jaan Biryani restaurant in Kolkata

Review: Both quantity and quality of Chaccha Jaan Biryani are highly ranked in top restaurants of biryani in Kolkata. According to some customers, the most-loved part of biryani there is the medium spicy mixing with awesome chutney. The taste is worth a high price range they give.

2. Oudh 1590

Address: Shop 23/B, Desapriya Park, Kolkata

Price per serving: Rs 600

Menu of biryani in Oudh 1590, Kolkata

Review: Always a crowded restaurant with majestic serving when playing classical music to give the customers the best atmosphere to enjoy the cuisine. It’s a suitable pick for your wishlist if you ever spend your time in Kolkata.

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3. The Biryani Inc.

Address: 39, Jawaharlal Neharu Road, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Price per serving: Rs 200

A whole look at The Biryani Inc's menu

Review: As its name suggests, the restaurant offers authentic recipes of dishes. With a plus of fresh biryani which is up to the point, it deserves a trial for visitors in this city.

4. Kareem’s

Address: 55B, Mirza Ghalib Street, Park Street Area, Kolkata

Price per serving: Rs 600

Take a look at Kareems' menu!

Review: It’s not a cloud nine to praise this restaurant as it can serve the peace of biryani perfectly. North Indian food lovers will especially prefer this one as a warm delight for taking biryani to the sky.

5. Dada Boudi Restaurant

Address: 12/10, S.N. Bannerjee Road, Barrackpore, Kolkata

Price per saving: Rs 300

Biryani menu is served at the first corner in the left

Review: Dada Boudi Restaurant gives the best taste of soft rice and balanced spices. For the unaware, this place has bagged enormous popularity for the well-known biryani. From the smell to taste, everything is perfect to give a try.

Apart from these above-suggested places, you can visit the best biryani house in Kolkata in some other top picks such as Arsalan, Aminia (foody spot), Shiraz Golden Restaurant, Zeeshan, Royal Indian Hotel, and so on.

Types of Biryani & Where to enjoy the best in Kolkata

Biryani fits all seasons and occasions throughout a year and treats a scrumptious indulgence for your meal. In total, biryani consists of many different types to serve different tastes of customers as from other places, biryani also slaps a wide variety of flavors.

We have hyderabadi biryani, bamboo biryani, chicken biryani, veg biryani, fish biryani, egg biryani amongst many others. Even the name of Kolkata is included for a type of biryani as Kolkata biryani. Besides, some other countries such as Afghanistan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand have created their own recipes for this attractive and unforgettable dish.

Different types of biryani served in Kolkata

So now we will go in detail of top biryani in Kolkata to find out where to enjoy your favorite taste.

1. Best hyderabadi biryani in Kolkata

If you are a fan of traditional food, you will feel that hyderabadi biryani is the most authentic and classic one amongst all types of this dish. Your mouth is likely to simmer the heartthrob meal of half-boiled rice mixing with mint, processed meat, fried onions, and cooked dum style.

Hyderabadi biryani brings the original taste of this rice dish

Where to have it? You can walk down Girish Avenue of Shyam Bazar to reach Khawab restaurant in Kolkata to enjoy this raw dish. Or Arsalan restaurant is another suggestion for you if your pocket is ‘heavy’ enough.

2. Best bamboo biryani in Kolkata

Ever seen biryani processed inside a long bamboo? Like its name, this type of biryani will serve the authentic spices and long-grained rice, promising to punch your buds of favor. An inventive recipe reaching perfection indeed combines you with natural scent.

Strange recipe makes bamboo biryani the favorite chosen one for many visitors

In Kolkata, you can visit Fushion Fantasea at 14B, Anil Roy Road, Southern Avenue to enjoy bamboo biryani. It certainly will take your heart away with its ambiance and quality. Once you have chances to travel to Kolkata, don’t miss the theme of Hollywood famous movie Pirates of the Caribbean here and of course, its best service of bamboo biryani.

3. Best chicken biryani in Kolkata

The enrobed burst of flavor created from the mixture of rice and chicken will imprint you for a long time. This delectable recipe was made to satisfy the simple customers who just care about the mingling chilly in the aroma of various spices. Are you ready to wipe all the troubles out to try this food?

You can find chicken biryani in many places around Kolkata

As this is a popular type of biryani in Kolkata, you can find the true taste of it in every restaurant here. And surely that we will suggest the 5 best restaurants above as well as some other renowned places including Aminia and Zeeshan.

4. Best veg biryani in Kolkata

Although the unique flavor of biryani is meat and this dish also means for non-vegetarians, it also evolves its own twist to accommodate the vegetarians. The meatless version of the biryani will not serve the full flavor of this rice dish, however, you still can reach its fragrance.

Veg biryani is suitable for vegetarians

Kolkata is the best place for you to try any type of biryani and the veg one is no exception. Kaidi Kitchen should be added to your list of restaurants when you want to try out veg biryani. This place is especially common for the vegetarians with its exotic spices of vegies. For some other suggestions, you can reach Govinda’s, Cream Centre or Bombay Shiv Sagar.

We hope that the best biryani in Kolkata can satisfy your curiosity about this rice dish. If you cannot reach this city of food, you also can find the best Kolkata biryani in Bangalore such as Lazeez, Aalishan Restaurant & Caterer, Posto amongst some others.

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