Deepika Padukone to Kareena Kapoor: Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Crazy Dishes Name After Them

Mina Muzumdar |Feb 16, 2019

Parantha thali and dosa are not the first dishes named after Bollywood star. Many unexpected things were named after celebrities from Bollywood.

Talk about Bollywood, It is likely that the industry has unlimitedly influenced people from a variety of countries in the world in a variety of ways. Therefore, the news likes the name of Deepika Padukone was used as the name of dosa by an Indian food company has not made people surprise anymore.

It just adds another weird trend which arises from the inspiration of celebrities.

Additionally, Deepika's name was used as the name of a parantha thali. Parantha thali and dosa were not the first dishes, there are still many dishes named after celebrities from Bollywood. Let’s take a look at B-town stars who have a chance to see their name on the menu.

Priyanka Chopra

Millions of Milkshakes is a milkshake bar in Hollywood. It is likely that they were influenced by the talented star, Priyanka Chopra and decided to name their milkshake after the name of The Desi Girl.


Sanjay Dutt

In South Mumbai, Noor Mohammadi Hotel - a popular hotel at Mohammed Ali Road - has a dish called Chicken Sanju Baba which was inspired by the name of Sanjay Dutt.



In the 62nd birthday of the star, in order to pay tribute to Rajinikanth, 12 distinct dishes were introduced by New Neela Bhavan restaurant. Furthermore, the special thing was that the restaurant decided to name every dishe after top hits of Rajinikanth - Thalapathi Parotta, Padaiyappa Suruttu Parotta, Mapillai Jagirdhanda, Rajathi Raja Dosai, Adhiseya Piravi Idli, Endhiran Noodles and more.


Shahrukh Khan

When on the way to visit Varanasi at the time Harry Met Sejal's promotions were happening, Shah Rukh decided to enjoy a banarasi paan at a random paan shop. After that day, surprisingly, the number of customers visiting the shop increased significantly as fans of Sha Rukh Khan was so excited and make it become a destination for those who love Sha Rukh Khan. As a result, the paan was named after the star and It was called Shah Rukh Khan paan and its price was Rs 35.

Shahrukh Khan 1541141437120

Kareena Kapoor Khan

At the time Kareena Kapoor Khan attempting to reach the popular size zero, it turned into the main discussion of Bollywood and it made the world insane over it. As a result, an Italian joint named a type of pizza after the actor - Kareena Kapoor Size-Zero Pizza


Salman Khan

Different from other stars whose names were given to dishes, a whole restaurant was named after Salman Khan; the restaurant was called Bhaijaanz. Moreover, there is no doubt that the owner was a big fan of Salman Khan when used the names of Salman Khan popular characters to name the dishes in restaurant's menu; for instant hulbul Chawal and Prem dessert.

Salman Khan Tiger Zinda Hai Dil Diyan Gallan Bolly

Ranbir Kapoor

On the promotional trip for the movie starred by Ranbir Kapoor to Chandigarh, they visited a dhaba positioned on the edges of the city. The dhaba proprietor took Ranbir Kapoor name for an exceptional chicken dish.


Sonam Kapoor

It was likely that a confectionery company with headquarter in Mumbai wants to have a present for the 25th birthday of Sonam Kapoor. Her name was taken to name a cake with the flavour of mango and blueberry, the cake was called Sonam Special.


Akshay Kumar

A resort located in Oman was selected to be appeared in the movie Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara!, starred by Akshay Kumar. As inspired by the character that Akshar Kumar played in the movie, the resort introduced a cocktail called Shoaibtini


Dilip Kumar

As a legendary in the movie industry in India, there was no surprise that a chilli pickle was named after Dilip Kumar



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