Best Approaches So You Can Date Anyone, If You Know Their Zodiac Sign! (Part 1)

Kimmy Karima |Jul 29, 2019

Each zodiac sign likes different approaches in love. Here we suggest the best ways so you can win anyone’s heart.

It may be confusing when you start flirting with someone. You fear that you’ll mess it up. Or worse, that you’ll send the wrong signals. But if you know their zodiac sign, you’ll figure out the approaches they like best, so your success rate will be higher.

Aries (Mar. 21 - Apr. 19)

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Aries like bold moves. If you like an Aries, you must make a loud and clear statement by showering them with flattering words and a lot of touches. They love it when they’re the center of your attention. Your daring step also makes Aries think you’re powerful.

Because they are strong too, and they don’t mind taking the initiative either. They just dislike those who are weak and indecisive, so don’t be like that. Aries also love sports, therefore, joining them in some physical activities is a good way to get more intimacy.

Taurus (Apr. 20 - May 20)

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Taurus don’t like to be under pressure, so no matter how much you want it, don’t try to speed up the process. They would feel pleasant if you gently pursue them by telling them sweet words and being nice to them. Never try to manipulate them because they hate the bossy type.

You’ll impress them much more by being your down-to-earth and funny self, which makes them feel comfortable around you. They also enjoy luxury gifts like perfume or watches, so if you can buy something, go ahead please!

Gemini (May 21 - Jun. 20)

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Geminis are sometimes quite wishy-washy and you wonder if they have any interest in love or not. Actually, they do, they just appreciate their privacy much more. But if you have deep knowledge of something, show them. Geminis admire and want to date intelligent people. They find smart conversations appealing, especially ones about abstract subjects like philosophy or psychology. And if they tell you about their passions, take the chance and ask them a lot of questions. They’ll be very happy to talk to you many more times.

Cancer (Jun. 21 – Jul. 22)

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Cancers are caring by nature, so they may be very nice towards you even if you don’t make any moves. Being the most emotional people, Cancers guard their feelings carefully and would be thankful if you do the same for them. That is, you should respect their feelings, patiently listen to them, and reassure them that it’s fine to be fragile.

They’re also quite shy so you may need to lead them to your heart by being really, really sincere. Once they sense your dishonesty, you’ll feel their cold forever.

Leo (Jul. 23 - Aug. 22)

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Leos are charming and they know it. They think very highly of themselves and they would like you to think like that too. Which means, they love to hear your confirmations. You can praise them about anything and they’ll believe you, from the way they walk to the way they talk.

The more you compliment them, the more quickly and deeply they’ll fall for you. Besides, since Leos think they’re important, if you can share their interests and do their favorite activities with them, they’ll be surely smitten.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sep. 22)

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“Dress to impress” - this phrase is so true to Virgos. Virgos are orderly people so you can dazzle them by looking polished at all times. Even when you’re quite comfortable around them (they tend to make people feel safe), you still need to show your elegance.

Virgos are observant, so they’ll consider you a potential partner if you even pay attention to details like clean fingernails or fresh breath. One more thing, Virgos are helpful type, so they are happy every time you need their assistance. That makes them feel important and they’ll want you by their side for eternity.

To be continued...


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