Hospital Workers In Mexico Can't Wear Medical Scrubs In Public For Fear Of Attack

Hanima Anand |Apr 24, 2020

In other countries, medical workers are heroes but here, they are attacked and blamed for spreading coronavirus whenever they are spotted on streets. Read details below!

Not long before, residents in Tatpatti Bhakal area in Indore attacked medical staff when they took suspected infection cases for quarantine. As our previous reports, this incident occurred after a fake message spreading paranoia on WhatsApp that Muslims were injected with coronavirus blood. The same situation of unreasonable attack on medical workers is now happening in Mexico, where over 10,500 coronavirus cases are confirmed and roughly 1,000 deaths are recorded.

Hatred stems from rumours

Till yesterday, 44 attack cases have occurred here when people believe in rumours that medical staff are the ones who spread coronavirus throughout their country.

Attack On Medical Workers In Mexico
Protests of medical workers in Mexico

A doctor walking her dogs was attacked near her house. She was splashed bleach all over her body just because she was wearing medical scrubs.

“At first, I was in shock. Then, I felt scared and angry.” – She said in an interview with CNN.

And she is not the first one to experience this, many other colleagues in Mexican hospitals are suffering it too. Dozens of nurses and doctors are struck in the face and scalded bleach onto their bodies.

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It’s hurt from the inside

Ms. Fabiana, Head of nursing for the national public health system couldn’t hold her tears:

"It hurts to talk about this. We are also people, we also have families, and we're leaving them behind to work in the hospitals."

The attack is threatening lives of thousand nurses and doctors who are fighting in front lines against the deadly virus to save others. While their colleagues in other countries are praised as heroes, they can’t stop worrying for their lives here.

People might think this is just the minority but it causes huge damage to mental health of medical workers, haunting them whenever they step out of the hospital.

Mexican Medical Workers
While medical staff are working in the front line against virus, people spread groundless rumours.

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No medical scrubs in public but will it stop?

The situation is so desperate that many hospital managers in Mexico have made it mandatory not to wear medical scrubs in public to avoid being attacked.

It does not stop there that easily.

Not just physical attacks, nurses and doctors are also being discriminated in their neighborhood and cyber-attacked on their social accounts.

Sharing about their desires, interviewed doctors and nurses told that:

"In Spain, they applaud and they are loved, and here we are mistreated and violently abused.

…We don't need to be clapped for and no one needs to give us flowers. Just let us do our jobs without the fear of being attacked."

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