Are You Embodiment Of Angels Or Devils? Let Zodiac Sign Tell You (Part 1)

Priyansh Ha |Aug 06, 2019

While some zodiac signs are considered the purest and most beautiful angels, some others are genuinely evils. Find out who you are based on your zodiac signs!

Each zodiac sign is believed to be associated with a celestial being. Based on your zodiac sign, find out whether you're an angelic or dark side-oriented one.

1. Libra

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The purest angel soul is you. Despite being born with original sin, God believes that you are not going to do any bad things in your lifetime. Your soul is so pure that even God counts on your words.

In many cases, you possibly make surrounding people feel culpable; therefore, sometimes, you should also hold your kindness a little bit back.

2. Taurus

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 2

You are everyone’s sweetheart: Your mind never holds any hard feelings; your heart is full of forgiveness. Guiding oldies across the road, rescuing animals, catching babies falling from burning buildings are typical things that you would do. The only drawback of your personality is that being too kind in this evil world will probably be harmful to your own sake.

3. Pisces

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign

You follow your principles super strictly. Your soul is full of forgiveness and empathy. The only thing that set you back is your tendency to get irritated when not receiving back the kindness that you have given away.

However, you will get that feeling out of your mind in the blink of an eye because you understand that haters shouldn’t be the reason for your sadness.

4.  Sagittarius

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 6

Loving someone has never been a difficult thing for you as you enjoy being surrounded by people and make them feel happy. Even when you try to stay positive all the time, you won’t be afraid of showing the dark side when someone breaks your trust.

However, a moment of a bad mood can never ruin your pure heart. You see the black and white in your anger and then let them go.

5. Aquarius

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 3

Just like your water-bearer zodiac symbol, the most outstanding quality of you is your bottomless willingness to help people. A feeling of happiness in everybody brings you full of joy.

People love you because of your honesty, your loving soul, and your kindness. The only flaw of you is the strong sex drive that, in some cases, makes you take the wrong path. 

 6. Gemini

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 9

Predictably, you would be the one who is in the middle of the list. Your personality is just like the weather: rapidly switch from being hot to extreme cold. Having an angel on one side of your shoulder and an evil on the other is the classic case of Gemini.

Of course, when you have to decide between the good and bad side, it entirely depends on your mood.

To be continued ...


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