Are You Embodiment Of Angels Or Devils? Let Zodiac Sign Tell You (Part 2)

Priyansh Ha |Aug 06, 2019

While some Zodiac signs are considered the purest and most beautiful angels, some others are genuinely evils. Find out who you are based on your zodiac sign!

Each zodiac sign is believed to be associated with a celestial being. Based on your zodiac sign, find out whether you're an angelic or dark side-oriented one.

7. Leo

Angry Man 2 Boston Magazine
Source: Boston Magazine

Leo usually represents their nobility, strength, and majesty until you see their dark sides. That is the moment lions show their terrifying teeth and roar. Doing good deeds is something Leo enjoys, but if someone crosses the line, Leo will make them regret in the entire life.

8. Cancer

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 4

Deep down inside, you’ve always wanted to own a pure heart. Sadly, there are so many temptations that you find it extremely difficult to resist. Nonetheless, you deserve forgiveness from God because of the sincere hope to become a kind person in you.

9. Virgo

Angel Or Devil Zodiac Sign 11

A good sense of humor, hospitality, and warmth are the best traits that you’ve got. However, you are also addicted to serving your desires. In case someone steps into your dark side, they will instantly receive your vengeance as well as non-stop humiliation until you feel satisfied.  

10. Aries


Your vices are uncountable; you are the master of many skills from backstabbing, swindling, sex, drinking to cheating. In such cases, your good sense of humor is what can redeem on a certain level.

11. Capricorn

Ex Boyfriend Vixendaily
Source: Vixendaily

Do you see the Devil usually displayed in paintings as a goat’s head? The reason is straightforward: it's you who a devil is. Doing good deeds never crosses your mind because that’s only for suckers.

Your evil act will continue until they catch you red-handed. Pretending being sorry and making superficial apologies are your typical ways to solve the case. You even feel like a scapegoat sometimes, but you are guilty most of the time. 

12. Scorpio

Boyfriend Flaw

If the myth about seven layers of hell is real, you will own a condo pinched under all of them. You fully represent the evil, but you are just so attractive that you can easily make everyone down on their knees.


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