Anil Kapoor Has Brought Dad style To A New Level

Rena Quynh |Jan 28, 2019

Anil Kapoor has brought a brand new Dad style, are you ready to be on the trend?

Anil Kapoor has brought a brand new Dad style - It is the new wine in old bottle.

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As we know, Dad fashion includes comfy and retro - looking clothes which are a combination of tucked logo tees, floral pattern shirts, pleated pants or stonewashed jeans and of course dad sneakers. Now get ready for a chalk and cheese version of Dad style with ‘rock n roll’ slant. It not only becomes a trend but also goes down so well. So what does it look like? Must – have items can be listed as leather jackets, word printed shirts, Henley T-shirt and slim fit jeans. Those items are a perfect match, and they glorify the elegance and sophistication of gentlemen who are in the middle age.  And don’t get it wrong, this style still gives you a very classic look regardless of how old you are.

Leading the trend and making the young crazy and willing to burn a hole in their pockets are Jeff Goldblum, Tom Hanks, Colin Firth, Jim Carrey, and the most familiar, Anil Kapoor.

At the age of 60, Anil Kapoor is not out of form at all, he still affirms his fashion caste. What he shows is not keeping up with the latest fashion trends or showing off the exotic items for attention. Anil still retains a polite style, does not need to abruptly change the fashion style or hunt from one store to another.

Anil Kapoor dresses for the occasion. For instance, in daily life, he will go for a pair of fitted jeans going with a classic T-shirt or shirt, finishing up with a leather jacket or a pullover. On important event require formal outfit, he is all set with a roll-neck sweater, a blazer and a hoodie inside. Altogether, it creates a way - out suit, but it is not any less elegant. Contrary to both his son and son-in-law seeming to fancy the most wanted shoes, Anil clings to simple white plaid trainers.

Let’s refresh your eyes with Anil Kapoor’s new “lookbook”:

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