Sunita Kapoor Young Decisive Personality & An Inspiring Sunita Kapoor And Anil Kapoor Love Story

Hanima Anand |Nov 24, 2020

Sunita Kapoor young version was not only a beautiful but also a decisive woman. That’s why Anil Kapoor fell head over heels in love with this woman, and their love story was exactly a Bollywood romance.

Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor are no doubt one of the most adored couples in the Bollywood industry. When they celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary this year, many might not know they had dated for 11 years before tying the knot in 1984. Wondering how they could maintain such a 47-year love story, fans rush to search for Sunita Kapoor young photos to see whether it’s her beauty that keeps Anil loyal.

While enjoying these Sunita Kapoor young images below, let’s read interesting facts about Sunita Kapoor and Anil Kapoor love story to see what made them so attached to each other!

Sunita Kapoor And Anil Kapoor Love Story Photo
Sonam Kapoor's parents have an admiring love story that inspires many others.

Sunita paid for cabs every time Anil came to meet her

Sharing in an interview, Anil Kapoor said that he knew Sunita through the help of some friends. However, instead of introducing the couple to each other in a normal way, Anil’s friend gave Sunita Kapoor the phone number of Anil so she could call to prank him in English.

Surprisingly, right when Anil heard Sunil’s voice, he fell in love with it. After that, when he met her at a party at Raj Kapoor’s house, he felt there was something special about this Sunita Kapoor young girl that forced him to pay attention.

Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor Young Photo 1
Sunita Kapoor young was a model when Anil didn't have a stable job then.

They quickly made friends and talked about many things. They even discussed a girl that Anil liked at that time but that girl disappeared later, leaving Anil with a broken heart.

It’s Sunita Kapoor who shared those emotions with Anil and supported him throughout. No dramatic dates, the two just went out with each other more, very naturally. Though he never asked Sunita to be his girlfriend then, they both knew they were deeply in love.

Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor Young Photo 2
Not just charming, Sunita was also supportive of her then-boyfriend Anil.

In fact, when Sunita Kapoor and Anil Kapoor love story just started, Anil had to struggle for his career and finance. Meanwhile, Sunita’s parent was a banker and she herself secured a modelling job. That’s why whenever Anil Kapoor came to meet her, Sunita paid money for cabs so that her lover didn’t have to sit an hour on the bus.

Tomorrow or never, and they got married one day after proposal

This sounds rebellious for such a girl at their time but Sunita indeed refused to cook. During the years they dated, she always told Anil that she wouldn’t enter the kitchen after marriage.

Sunita Kapoor And Anil Kapoor Wedding Photo
Sunita Kapoor and Anil Kapoor love story lasts for decades but their marriage was planned in only one day.

That’s why Anil Kapoor didn’t propose to Sunita before he made it big in the industry. As Sunita Kapoor young had supported Anil unconditionally, Anil determined he would afford her a comfortable life. After a long time struggling to get good roles in Bollywood, Anil Kapoor finally signed his first hit Meri Jung on May 17, 1984.

One day after the important contract, Anil Kapoor proposed to Sunita Kapoor on 18 May, 1984. And on 19 May of the same year, they tied the knot in an intimate ceremony.

Anil Kapoor And Sunita Kapoor Young Photo 3
Can you spot Sonam Kapoor in this Anil Kapoor's family photo?

Now you understand why Anil Kapoor dated Sunita Kapoor young for 11 years before putting an engagement ring on her finger. Only after he got that big contract was he confident that he could afford a house and a house help to assist Sunita in house chores.

Sunita Kapoor Young And Sonam Kapoor
Sunita Kapoor young and her daughter, Sonam, on their wedding days.

However, it was Sunita Kapoor who decided they would marry the very next day after his proposal. She said ‘tomorrow or never’ when he proposed. And they planned and executed everything for their wedding in that one day.

Anil Kapoor And Sunita Kapoor Young Photo 4
An old photo of Anil and Sunita Kapoor's family to Disneyland.

Anil Kapoor used to write about his wedding experience that was against all odds, as he claimed. When he entered Sunita Kapoor house and saw his bride, he found her smiling and felt tears in his eyes. He was happy, and nervous at the same time, as they could only plan the wedding in one day. However, he didn’t want to waste another day without her and he knew that was the best thing that ever happened to him.

Anil Kapoor And Sunita Kapoor Young Photo 5
The extended family on a vacation trip.

A honeymoon without her groom

As Sunita Kapoor and Anil Kapoor's wedding took place unexpectedly to the actor himself, he didn’t plan for it earlier. Within only 2 days since he proposed to his Sunita Kapoor, he became a married man.

In fact, he only had three days off after their marriage before resuming his shooting schedule, so he couldn’t arrange a honeymoon vacation with the newly-wed wife.

Anil Kapoor And Sunita Kapoor Young Photo 6
Sunita decided to go solo on their honeymoon trip so as not to disrupt Anil's shooting schedule.

It wasn’t a problem to Sunita Kapoor young decisive version though. She decided to fly abroad for a honeymoon without Anil. She didn’t ask him to change his schedule to go with her, all that she knew was he loved her and married her on her strange request. And that’s enough.

Sunita Kapoor And Anil Kapoor Love Story 1
These lovebirds are happily growing old together.

Fourty seven years after their first date, Anil Kapoor admits he and his wife Sunita are truly dating now. He is not sure when their romance ends as it hasn’t approached the last part yet.

Sunita Kapoor And Anil Kapoor Love Story 2
After nearly half a century, their love for each other remains unchanged.

Till now, Sunita Kapoor and Anil Kapoor love story is still one of the most inspiring cases we have ever known in this industry. As we can see, when you are determined enough like Sunita Kapoor young personality, no difficulties can stop you from getting your love.

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