Ameesha Patel And Janhvi Kapoor Have The Same Bags Which Cost More Than A Lakh

Priyansh Ha |Jan 16, 2019

After Janhvi Kapoor showing up with a blue LV bag, Ameesha Patel was spotted with the same bag which reportedly costs more than a lakh.

Janhvi Kapoor (left) and Ameesha Patel mix the same LV bag with different styles.

Janhvi Kapoor, director Bony Kapoor’s daughter, has just been launched into Bollywood early this year with a romantic drama Dhadak. It is undoubted that she is a young talented actress who had contributed to the success of the movie. Besides the excellent acting skills and her beautiful look, this star-kid is also popular for her sense of style. Janhvi Kapoor takes the spotlight whenever she shows up in public places.

Janhvi Kapoor looks gentle in her casual clothes.

A Casual Look 

Sharing a picture of her outfit when hitting the gym, the young actress wore basic items with light blue off-shoulder shirt and denim shorts. She keeps her look minimal with gently curled hair and light makeup. It was the bag with floral prints that highlighted the look. In spite of being a newcomer in the industry,  Janhvi Kapoor has been a source of inspiration in the fashion world. She always looks fresh and attractive in her own ways.

Ameesha Patel wearing the same bag while taking photos with friends.

Ameesha Patel Mixes The Same Bag With Different Style

Another young fashion icon of Bollywood, Ameesha Patel also takes her style seriously. The actress is also spotted recently with the same LV bag as Janhvi Kapoor had.

Not too long after Janhvi Kapoor shares her street style with the bag, Ameesha Patel also accessorized the same bag but with a different style. While Janhvi mixed the blue bag with a casual outfit, Ameesha had a more sporty look with a white t-shirt and denim short. The basic outfit was styled with an LV bag and a pair of white sneakers. She looks sporty and comfortable yet trendy.

The blue chain bag costs €2080 on the LV website.

The Bag Costs Nearly Two Lakh

This blue wave chain bag is an item from a collection Luis Vuitton. It reportedly costs €2080 (approximate to Rs. 1,70,000).


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