A Rundown How Gigi Hadid Keeps Her Top Model Body In Shape

Mina Muzumdar |Feb 01, 2019

Here is 5 life-routine Gigi Hadid always does every day to maintain her supermodel body.

It’s undeniable that Gigi Hadid is one of the most popular, most attractive young supermodel in the world today. In a recent trip to Miami, a paparazzi photo showed her perfect body-shape in a pink plum bikini. Even when sitting, Gigi still left everyone open-mouthed with her flat stomach and small waist.

However, to stay in shape, Gigi Hadid also has to follow a healthy diet, together with an exercise routine. Here are some of the principles and simple tips that Gigi Hadid strictly follow to have a hot and sexy body that you always can do at home.

Homemade cooking

Gigi Hadid changed her eating habit to a whole new diet when she has to think about keeping fit as a real model. For that reason, the 23 years old model decided to cook by herself to understand what her body really needs. Even though, the young model confessed that she is a big fan of hamburgers and fries. Gigi, however, did not plan to remove her favourite food from her menu but found out a better solution as a ground rule that she only can enjoy this type of food at the weekend.


Adhere to a balanced diet

The supermodel further added that she always has a definite plan for eating to maintain a healthy and beautiful body. Her simple tips are that she stick to diet 5 to 6 days per week but definitely spend her last day of the weekend to satisfies herself with a favourite meal.


Play volleyball and team sport

Since high school, Gigi Hadid has enjoyed playing volleyball. This sport not only encourages competitive spirit but also help to improve physical fitness. Therefore, she often plays volleyball with her friends whenever she has free time.



A healthy lifestyle

In an interview, Gigi’s mom once shared that both Gigi and Bella (Gigi’s sister) wakes typically up at 4- 5 am every day to go to the gym.


Experienced Trainer

Not only did ignite the young model’s passion for boxing, but former fighter Rob Piela also is her personal trainer.

"We start with jump rope - there's no better way to slim down legs - and we end with ballet-inspired floor exercises. . . . In the middle, we box," Rob shared.



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