Don't Be Shy! Here Are 8 Things You Should Say On Your First Date

Mina Muzumdar |Apr 03, 2019

Guys, take note of your perfect first date!

If you are bagging yourself for your first date, this is an article you shouldn’t miss. From what to do and what to say, here are 8 things to make your first date count.

Your future plan

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Don’t detail your future plan like your baby names unless you want to freak your partner out on the first date. However, make clear of what you are seeking for in a relationship is something you should do to get a better understanding of each other.

Your relationship’s status

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Apparently, you should disclose your relationship’s status to your date, whether you are single or you’are already a parent. This will demonstrate how serious you are about this relationship and your commitment to a relationship.

Your hobby

Talking about your hobby is a good way to know about your mate, especially when your soul mate and you should find something in common. Try to make a relax and cosy atmosphere during this time with funny conversation will be an extra point for you in the eyes of your partner.

Be a listener

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There is a reason why God gives you two ears but one mouth. Listening to your companion by all ears will not only give you the best chance to know your partner but also help you make your point.

Also, don’t be afraid to talk about yourself


Theirs is a great difference between being a good listener and being totally mute. Your hometown, your childhood, your good memories in life are good topics to begin your conversation.

If religion is extremely important for you or not

To some people, religion is extremely important or even if you are a vegetarian, you should let your date know. In the long-term, this topic definitely must rise up eventually.

If you would like to have the second date

If you really into your companion, then some simple suggestion would do. However, if you are the one who is being asked but you would like to be a friend only after your first date, then you could politely refute by saying: “I had a great night and it was my honour to meet you, but I don’t think I see a future for us romantically”.

Your feeling/thinking about your partner


Before saying goodbye, you can tell your partner your true feeling/ thinking of him or your date today. Don’t be worry that you will spoil your date by revealing it. Instead, honest with your partner will help improve the invisible connection between you by the link of emotion.


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