9 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You, Watch Out!

Ariana Linh |Apr 18, 2019

Suspicious that your boyfriend might be cheating? Here are some signs to watch out!

There comes a time in a couple's relationship when you doubt that your significant other is not 100% faithful. However, jumping the gun is not a good idea. You can be seen as paranoid, and that can seriously damage your relationship. So be cautious, pay attention, and don't make any accusations unless you have solid evidence. Here are some signs to watch out for.

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1. You make love less often

The amount of bed-time action differs from couple to couple, but an attentive girlfriend can tell when her man is getting his satisfaction elsewhere. Be it another woman, or from adult videos, it's a problem if he makes love to you less.

2. He overprotects his phone

For the sake of privacy, you wouldn't want to ask to check your lover's phone. However, if he appears jumpy when a text or a call arrives, it is not a good sign.


3. He suddenly talks about someone else

It's always exciting to talk about someone you have just met, especially if you're into them. If your boyfriend starts talking about a girl out of nowhere, be wary of that person. She might be your replacement.

4. Emotionally distant

Being emotionally distant is a danger to all relationships, whether it involves cheating or not. His passion for you couldn't be as high when he has another person on his mind.

5. He keeps disappearing

If he's away from you for so long so often that you start questioning, he could be having an affair. Keep track of his schedule, and you may find a pattern in which he does his dirty deeds.

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6. His friends act strange

You can't fault his friends for being loyal, but you can catch if they behave strangely. In an attempt to hide his secret, they can be awkward when you're around.

7. He lies

Trust is the basis of relationships. Once or twice, it's not a big deal. But if he is constantly being dishonest, you should break up, regardless of his faithfulness.

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8. A cheater repeats himself

If your boyfriend admits he has cheated in the past, that's a big red flag. Give him a chance, but keep your guard up and prepares for the worst.

9. Trust your guts

Don't ignore your hunches. Things feel off for a reason, and if it keeps nagging on the back of your mind that he's cheating, maybe he is. Your sixth sense could be a crucial clue that you need to get to the bottom of things.


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