9 Clearest Signs He Wants To Break Up With You, But He Won’t Admit It

Kaira Immre |Sep 06, 2019

One things guys surely think about breaking up than they need. Because they’re nervous about your reaction or action after being got dumped. So instead of directly cutting things off, almost of guys often show some subtle pre-breaking up hints for you.

Getting dumped in your current relationship is one of the worst feelings that anyone doesn’t want to experience. But not seeing it coming is even worse. Sometimes this ambiguity makes you insecure and worried all the moments. Here’re 9 signs your boyfriends want to break up with you, but he isn’t telling you!

All you get is a one-word answer or even nothing to any your communication

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In fact, the biggest issue in relationships is a lack of communication. If the way your boyfriend communicates with you is quite different, it may be a sign of the change of his feeling. He shoots down any efforts to contact from you like stopping texting or calling you back, paying no attention to what you’re saying or replying you by one-word answers.

Even when he is holding the phone, he also has no responses to your many messages. Leave him alone is what he wants to say!

He doesn’t give you affection in public or even in private

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Think simply. For example, you want to embrace him while watching a TV show after a hard-working day. But he may refuse your cuddling action by saying it’s too hot, or if you’re in public place, the reason can be simply shyness.

In the past, when you were going out together, he often did sweet actions like opening the door, pulling out the chair or cleaning the spoons. But now, hmmm, he has left you to do it yourself. It’s really a bad sign for your relationship.

He stops caring about important dates and events

He often forgets important dates of two of you like birthday, love celebration or planned events. Poor you! The keyword here is “used to”. Yes, he USED TO remember and prepare surprising things for you on these dates, and now, NOTHING.

He fights with you over seemingly inconsequential matters.

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It’s a sign that there are much bigger or even more serious problems, and this inconsequential matter is only an ignition for all the coming issues. Even he starts to blame you for things that you have nothing to deal with. It’s simple as a glass of water is spilled across his lap, but you’re the one who suffers from his anger. Don’t feel sad. You deserve better than that!

He's been cheating on you and doesn’t care if you recognize

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Sometimes, a man wants to break up with you but doesn’t like talking this by himself. An effective solution is to make his girlfriend hate him by cheating. He says you leave him alone, but after that, you see him going out with his friends or other girls? “I am no longer interested in being a relationship with you” - this is saying from the heart he wants to talk!

You no longer appear in his future plans

If you’ve talked about a vacation together for months or maybe a future wedding party, all you get is a snippy reaction or no care from him, be wary. It’s a clear indication that he is thinking of breaking up with you.

He isn’t interested in what you say like he used to

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If he loves you, he shall respect you by always hearing and remembering carefully whatever you say. Even, to help you not feel awkward, he will make an effort to laugh at your silly jokes. But, it’s a word “ used to” again.

It feels like you're the only person making an effort in the relationship

One day, you realize that your relationship seems to be fading and you find a way to “heat” it again. But all your efforts aren’t got his attention, even he brushes them off without caring about your feeling. You’re trying to save your relationship, but he, NO. Poor you! Your love is coming to an end.

He changes how he uses social media

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Change his profile picture from the photo you took together into one that he appears only. Don’t tag you in the status or any posts in the social network. Change the account password without telling you. And finally, you can see clearly is his relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single.” All the things you should do are let him go.


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