9 Perfect Wedding Nail Styles For Your Big Day

Kanchana Ngan |Jan 28, 2019

One of your biggest day in life is approaching, yet you still have no idea for stunning nails? Here is the list of 9 highly recommended styles.

On your most significant and most important day, you are entirely taking the spotlight and drawing all attention; consequently, your details will be carefully observed, even your beautiful engagement ring and its nail, of course. Traditionally, brides' nail is supposed to stick with bare nudes, soft pinks, or just plain.

However, the time has been changing and so have wedding styles, because some people already take off their ridiculous prejudice. Many brides now have the right to be themselves, show their true colours instead of someone else. And these following 9 nail styles, from classic to cool ones, will definitely help your own self stand out.

1 - Classic Pink

Nail 1

It is admitted that no colour suits a bride better than the classic pink. Not only does it emphasise her feminine look and beauty, but a bride can also reveal themselves through different pink shades, from light to dark. You are advised to wear along with a lasting top coat so that your beautiful nail remains well till your honeymoon comes to an end.

2 - Classic White

Nail 2

You are choosing a nail idea that perfectly matches your stunning white gown? Just consider trying the matchy style, the never-getting-old style of all time. People will see and admire your clean and pure look, which is, no doubt, the most suitable on your wedding day. Or you can be cooler by merely mixing and matching it with stylish decors.

3. A Touch Of Blue

Nail 3

The tone of peace will be another wise choice for your big day. The bride can either entirely coat your nail in blue, or have it as decoration details, like the half-moon mani in the above picture.

Try this nail style at the price of £21 here.

4. Modernized French Tips

Nail 4

Still white, but you want to make some new twist to obtain a modern look? And this modernised French Tips is for you. Surprisingly simple with just thin strips over clear-coated nails, it can give you a whole new twist on the traditional one.

5 - Confetti Nails

Nail 5

Let's be honest, your wedding is, to some extent, a loud ceremony party along with family and close friends. So why don't design your nails with inspiration from that idea? Spraying some sparkling details is far from a bad option that you are advised to try.

6. Neutral Tones

Nail 6

This may seem old-fashioned, as a style for a school girl or a middle-aged woman. But as said above, a nail is here to help show your true colours. So if neutral tones are your favourite, do not hesitate to try it on your big day.

7. Rule-Breaking Red

Nail 7

Do you get frozen the moment looking at the above picture? But don't forget no one can judge you just by nails, as well as the fact that red colour looks chic on every skin tone, adding subtle pop against your crisp white wedding gown.

8. Juicy Peach

Nail 8

Not entirely nude, not quite pink, peach is a perfect harmonisation of them. It is also predicted to be hot trend of this year after appearing on various bridal runways. No matter you get light or dark skin tones, the colour will match you with peach-pink for the former and apricot-peach for the latter one.

9. Iridescent

Nail 9

The perfect balance between out-there and barely-there to recreate this iridescent design, to make your wedding day just a touch more fun.


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