Hottest Things Women Wear To Bed - Sexy Women Lingerie, Booty Shorts, Pyjama And More!

Bhavna Acharya |Mar 17, 2020

Apart from sexy women lingerie, check out the list of 10 hottest things women should wear to bed. 

There is no difference between your first time and the hundredth, make sure you look good whenever going to bed with him. Apart from sexy women lingerie, if you are confused about what items can make you feel sexy and comfy at the same time, check out the list of 10 hottest things women wear to bed.

sexy women lingerie
Women make sure they look good and sexy every time sleeping with him!

1. An oversized T-shirt

It's super teasing! It can make any girl be sexier as the sexiest thing is not trying to be sexy.

Women In Oversized T Shirt
An oversized T-shirt without pants, perfect!

2. A comfy pyjama

What can be sexier than a woman who can feel herself under a comfy pyjama? An ensemble of sleeveless strap pyjama with lace panel is all you need to heat up your night. 

sexy women lingerie
Sexy and comfy women pyjama with lace panels

3. Sexy panties

Wearing sexy panties without a bra is also a great idea to drive your man crazy!

sexy women lingerie
Sexy panties are definitely one of the hottest things women should wear to bed

4.  Boyfriend shirt

Wearing a boyfriend shirt is a bit stereotypical but it works, most of the time. Remember the no-bra and half-buttoned tricks.

Sexy Woman Lingerie
One of the most classic items - a boyfriend shirt

5. Sexy women lingerie

Obviously sexy lingerie or underwear is the most powerful weapon to turn any man on. It makes him feel like he is the most special and luckiest man on earth.

Sexy Woman Lingerie 2
What can be sexier than women in beautiful lingerie?

6. Booty shorts

Some men confessed that they are more tempted to see their girls in booty shorts. It is much more teasing than seeing their partner fully nude.

Sexy Woman Lingerie 4
Booty shorts can sweep your man off his feet in no time!

7. Wet clothes

Wet and see-through clothes is a genius idea to set your man on fire. It works especially in the summer when you’re fresh from a pool party or bathroom. 

Sexy Woman Lingerie 6
Ideal for a hot summer night!

8. Silk booty shorts

If he happens to be a legs/butt guys, get yourself a pair of silk booty shorts as the soft and tender feel of silk will make things beyond incredible.

Sexy Woman Lingerie 3
Silk booty shorts are more powerful than you think

9. See-through t-shirt or dress

Flaunting your sizzling curves in a tight and see-through t-shirt can sweep your man off his knees in no time. Actually, any dress that he can see through all works the same.

See Through Lingerie On Bed
Flaunt your curves in see-through lingerie!

10. Less is more!

For anything you wear to bed, you will eventually end up naked. A naked body and a naked soul with nothing to hide is the most beautiful thing anyone would wish to see.

Take a glimpse at some beautiful and sexy women lingerie for you to try on:

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