Love Guru: 8 Ways To Save Your Struggling Relationship Before To Let It Go

Priyansh Ha |May 15, 2019

Just because you haven’t found your common ground yet doesn’t mean it is impossible! Here are eight things you need to try before making up your mind to move on.

Facing some obstacles or feeling unhappy in a relationship make you frustrated and want to give up. First thing, remember most couples have to deal with the same situation as it’s never been easy. Second, having a few quarrels doesn’t mean that your relationship is coming to an end.

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In case things cannot adjust on themselves, you will need some resolutions to get back on the right track. There is always the common ground for both of you out there. Just because you haven’t found it yet doesn’t mean it is impossible. Here are eight things you need to try before making up your mind to move on.

1. Communicate Like a Team

The most dangerous killer of every relationship is the lack of communication. According to Rori Sassoon, relationship expert and founder of Platinum Poire, it’s essential for couples to communicate with each other if they don’t want to hurt their partners permanently. Only by talking to each other openly and honestly, they can find out what went wrong with their relationship.

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2. Find A Therapist

In addition to communicating directly with your partner, go out and share your story with a therapist. Sometimes it’s easier to talk with a stranger rather than family members or friends as they might try to drive your thoughts. Therapists are helpful as they will make things clear for you which will give your relationship a breakthrough.

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3. Say "Yes"

If you’re getting bored or stuck, try to refresh it instead of giving up. In this case, Marla Mattenson, the relationship expert suggests a couple to “go all in” and bring good vibes back to the relationship. Be a ‘yes’ person and try to embrace adventure and challenges again.

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4. Erase All Negative Memories

Mattenson also gives hints on making a brand-new start with a clean slate. Her favorite suggestion for miserable couples is to clean up all the bad things they had. The only thing that needed to be maintained is the happy ones. At the almost end of every relationship are a lot of resentment, negative thoughts, and hatred. By applying the so-called ‘selective amnesia’ therapy, you can refresh yourself and your dying relationship to fully live the moment.

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5. Be Patient For Changes

If you’ve talked to each other and the conversation went well, don’t expect some kinds of overnight changes. Be patient! Give your partner and even yourself quite some time to change. If we want it to happen, it’s always a matter of time when it comes to behavior change. In the worst case when things don’t move forward, it’s not too late to rethink.

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6. Set Specific Goals

Make your communication more efficient by setting specific goals and even action steps. A particular purpose in a relationship will prevent it from sliding back into the old wrong track. There are many ideas for couples to practice like weekly conversations, daily affirmations, date nights, exercising together, etc.,

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7. Treat Each Other Like The First Day

Do you agree that your relationship used to be very beautiful at first? Then things turned out to be worse when we started taking each other for granted. We didn't take them our priority and didn't think about how to make them happy anymore. In this case, you can quickly reboot your relationship by bringing it back to the start line. Think about what made you start and how happy you used to be in the very first month. Think about your partner and call them every day.

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8. Do Crazy Things Together

Remember how fun it was going out for tacos or having a last-minute drink date at 2 a.m.? How long did you stop doing crazy and spontaneous things together? You’ve been getting stuck with your tight routines, works, and kids which prevent you from enjoying the best part of being in a relationship. Let aside your busy routines and pick up some exciting things to do with your partner. It will completely change the situation.


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