7 Types Of Girls On Valentine’s Day - Who is Yours?

Hanima Anand |Feb 13, 2020

Are you a boy who is preparing for a Valentine’s proposal? Or a girl either in love or remain single? Let’s find out 7 types of girls you may encounter this Valentine and see which one is yours!

Among these types of girls on Valentine's day, number 8 is the ideal girlfriend of men while some are mostly avoided. Check out the type of yours!

#1. Lucky girl in romance

The dream scenario for a girl on Valentine’s day is waking up to her boyfriend with a bouquet of red roses and a chocolate box.

These girls can make everyone jealous of their men who may have planned the Valentine’s week for months with every detail set in the right place, a romantic rooftop meal for example.

Will you be this lucky girl this Valentine?

#2. The sob story girl

Men may try to avoid this type of girls as they find it hard to handle once she bursts into tears. However, sob girls don’t need men on Valentine’s day. They are comfortable spending the entire day watching The Notebook, crying, while enjoying all chocolates they buy themselves.

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#3. Daddy’s girl

These girls are docile daughters of their dads. Who need a boyfriend when you already have your daddy’s surprising gifts with flowers and chocolates?

Even when they are single and regardless of their age, these daddy's girls will always feel secure in life.

Daddy's girl is forever a child.

#4. The bold girl

This girl is sexy, free and single! She doesn’t care about Valentine’s day or any lucky girl out there as she knows for sure she can grab boys’ attention whenever she wants. She probably goes to clubs alone for a temporary “soul mate” this holiday!

Who can resist this provoking red look?

#5. The cynical feminist

This lady always questions men’s personalities as well as their attitudes towards women. These firm feminists won’t enjoy Valentine’s Day like others because they think it’s a day to objectify women as needy brats.

Let's thank feminists for their contributions!

#6. The group girls

Well, these girls keep a neutral viewpoint of Valentine’s day. It’s good if their boyfriends do something romantic on this special day but they won’t forget their girl squad at home.

They will watch new movies together, gossip about boys or throw a party overnight. In the end, they realize they don’t need boyfriends that much.

Group girls will never leave their squad

#7. The romantic overachiever

Some men might feel stressful being boyfriend of this girl. She is romantic, yes, but she is overambitious for a Valentine’s date.

Doing everything yourself can stress yourself and him as well!

She makes chocolate by herself, she cooks tasty dinner and she is willing to do everything to make her man happy on this special occasion. Imagine how she would react if her boyfriend goes home late or does something disappointing? You can figure out.

So how to avoid being a romantic overachiever, let's maintain romance in a clever way.

Being an ideal partner means your man won’t need to worry if he accidentally forgot an anniversary. He knows you always understand and let him fix it. You shouldn't feel pressured while preparing for your Valentine's either. Be relaxed, be confident and don't hesitate to show your love instead of blaming him for not treasuring your gift.

At the end of the day, your attitude is what matters.

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Spending time for each other rather than your DIY gift!

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