8 Signals That Indicate Your Willingness To Step Into A Long-Distance Relationship

Alia Thao |Oct 18, 2019

Love is a long journey with many challenges, including staying away from each other. If you have the intention of stepping into a long-distance relationship, check whether you are ready for such a relationship or not.

Lovebirds usually have to deal with various problems that can create a close affection or break their relationship, especially the partners in the long-distance relationship. In this kind of romance, one of the biggest challenges the couples have to face is to maintain love at the enormous geographical distance between different cities or even various countries.

Are you ready for a long-distance relationship? You will figure out your level of willingness in such kind of love if you possess eight following signs: 

1. Know how to express your feeling and have no difficulty in communication

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According to love and relationship experts, keeping in touch with the partner plays a significant role in heating the long-distance relationship. Nonetheless, it is hard for couples who even live in the same city, to have frequent and efficient communication.

Thus, living in two various countries with different time zones can be much tougher for almost relationships. However, you should together draw up a reasonable plan to reserve the time of the day for your lovers. You can share the daily stories, exchange the loving gestures, or even sit and let them know that you are always there if they need in spite of the far distance.

2. Make full use of any communicating means to show your feelings

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With the development of technology, there is a wide variety of media to communicate with people over the world, such as texts, audio, and video call. If you know how to use these tools appropriately, they can help you enhance the effectiveness of expressing feelings to the significant other.

A plain text with missed punctuation can lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations as partners may not feel your sincere. Therefore, you should understand your partner and his expectations to find the most suitable medium for communicating, especially in a long-distance relationship.

3. Be self-confident enough to travel alone

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Be a solo traveler shows that you are tough and independent, which is an influential factor for a long term relationship. It shows that you are all right when your partner is not around.

But if you still need your love on every single trip, you are not genuinely ready to live far from him/her.

4. Maintain a good relationship with your family and friends

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Having your family and friends beside will help you survive through the long-distance relationship. They can hang out with you or stay around when you need, which lessens the depression and insecurity while your lover is miles apart.

5. Have a healthy and balanced lifestyle

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Do you have a healthy and happy lifestyle? Good health will lead to a positive mental and emotional state, which helps you deal with every life's challenge, including long-distance relationships.

6. Both of you hold the same belief

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Before the long-distance relationship, couples need to understand what can happen to their love in the future. They are unable to retain the link unless they share the same expectation and belief in life. Therefore, they need to set a plan for their future to create motivation and trust for each other.

7. Enjoy life whether with other half or by yourself

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Do not ever feel guilty if you have good times with other people as long as you know your limit. Meanwhile, let your partner who is staying in a different place enjoys their life with new friends. Be more generous to each other because there is always a person waiting for you at home, despite only seeing and hearing each other through the phone. 

8. Realize physical communication is merely one of the numerous ways to retain the relationship

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Although physical connections such as tight hugs and loving kisses are indispensable in love, your relationship should also be built up by intense emotional and spiritual linkage.

In reality, there is no perfect solution for a long-distance relationship. However, all couples need to know that: your love and commitment to each other are always the best bonds.


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