Have Tough Convos With Your Partner But Don’t Know Where Is Suitable? Check Out These 8 Ideal Places!

Sahana Nhi |Oct 18, 2019

Here is the list of 8 ideal places, according to each situation, for you to choose and have your tough convos with your partner at.

People seem to have tough convos in their car, while one of two people is driving. Yeah, cars may be the ideal places for serious conversations like breaking up, confessing or something like that. You can sit side by side with your partner, don’t need to look at each other eyes, and let’s physically moving forward action effect subconsciously on convos.

Ideal Places

But have you ever thought that your partner could get shocked because of the convos and cause the accidents? There are STILL other places where you can have serious conversations with your partner without harming to anything or anyone. Here is the list of 8 ideal places, according to each situation, for you to choose your most suitable place.

1. If your convo is about defining the relationship or future plans: Choose the parks

Couple Walking In Park Couple Holding Hands Young

Parks can’t only provide a secluded place for you to confess your feelings with each other, but also make you feel relaxed while talking or thinking about your feelings or future plans.

2. You can talk about things that make you upset or DTR on the sidewalk

Ideal Places

Walking on the sidewalk will produce endorphins to make you feel more relaxed and burn of repressed feelings to make you ready to confess your love. It will be a great moment to speak out about your feelings.

3. Breakups, admitting infidelity convos should happen on front porch or patio

Ideal Places

A front porch or patio is cozy and intimate, it provides a safe and calm environment, and also positive feelings for both to talk about tough topics like breakups and admitting infidelity.

4. You can share your future plans and sex issues at your therapist’s office

Ideal Places

Couples therapy is supposed to be scary and awkward. But in fact, it really brings benefits to both of you. Therapist’s office will provide a safe environment to be heard and sympathized. It also helps avoid anger, frustration, or resentment during the tough convos.

5. Confess things make you upset over the phone with your partner

Ideal Places

Confessing over the phone helps you more honest because you can’t see other’s face or vice versa. You also feel to be heard or undisturbed by your partner’s body language or facial expressions.

6. You can talk about both future plans while on a walk

Ideal Places

Walking isn’t only wonderful for dates but also suitable for serious convos about you two’s plan. It provides good state of minds that helps you focus on your main point without analyzing the other’s reaction.

7. You can discuss the future in a coffee shop

Ideal Places

A coffee shop is always an ideal place, people around you are busy with their laptop or conversation instead of paying attention to you. The other customers are also important factors to avoid loud outbursts. But to make sure, you should pay for the coffee before starting your convos so that you can’t leave whenever you want if the convos turn for the worse.

8. The living room is another suitable place for breakups and admitting infidelity

Ideal Places

Always let yourself feel comfortable before “the storm”. It set up your conversation in the right direction. That’s the reason why you can talk about awkward problems. Everyone feels relaxed on their couches in the living, how about you? Find the most comfortable place in your living room and try out. You will be surprised that why your problems become easier to confess.

FYI, there are also some places you should avoid when you have serious, tough talks:

Bedrooms: Leave all of the drama outside your bedroom. It’s the sacred place for only love and “naughty things”.

Restaurants: If you want to be humiliated or flip a table, go ahead!

Bars or clubs: The alcohol will make you speak out what you actually don’t think or want to say.


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