7 Things Your Man Wants For The Wedding Night

Mishka Saisha |Sep 20, 2019

Preparation for wedding night is very important so we bring to you a list of what men want from the wedding night. Brides, take note with us!

You might believe or not, the wedding night is the most romantic moment in your marriage. You then have got the honeymoon and the rest of your lives to catch up on rest but the feelings in the first night are the most memorable moment, even you’ve already had something with your spouse prior to the wedding or not. Hence, preparation for the wedding night is important. Today we will bring to you a list of what men want from the wedding night. Brides, let’s check with us!

Cutting Right To The Game

After a full day of smiling for photos, glad-handing guests and having a happy reception with friends and family, your man just wants to be alone with you. So don’t be surprised if he start with the ride to your wedding house.

wedding night

Sexy Look At You

If your man actively starts the mood with sweeties such as champagne, rose petals and classical romantic music, he’s ready for the A-game. He will delicately look in your eyes. Don’t worry, he just wants to know that you are ready for him so relax and tell him what you want. It will come naturally and let it be.

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Bridal Lingerie

Nothing a man love than watching his lover take off her lingerie in the wedding night. Now you know that. Let’s prepare a sexy lingerie for your spouse when the time comes and surprise him with a show as a special gift to him on the day.

Wedding Night

Other Accessories

It’s not only your lingerie but also your accessories on the day. You might not know but your man also pay attention to your nails, jewelry and clothing. There is no judgement from him here since he just love to see his woman wearing her accessories and being herself.

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Don’t worry if you two have already and he’s known all your moves. Let him see the rest of your life which surprises and excites him much more than you can imagine. In additions, new movements or gestures also inspire your man a lot.

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A Compliment For All Things

Some women might forget this but it plays a role in your marriage life. After the play (or plays), take a moment to tell him how special the game was and if possible, let’s have one last toast. It could be seen as a beautiful beginning for something happy forever after.

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