WARNING!!! 7 Subtle Singhs Your Relationship Won’t Last Long Term

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 27, 2019

Whether or not you are trying to deny all of these early signs or uncomfortable truth in your relationships, here are 7 signals to a no future relationship.

Love is blind! At some point, it turns out to be true when you are blindly falling in love with someone and unable to see things through. There are always early signs you may realise if your relationship is unhealthy. Here are seven signals that your relationship won’t last for long.

You immediately jump into the conclusion that he/she is your destiny

It’s undeniable that you may fall in love with someone at the first sign or your first impression about your partner was so good that you immediately think that he/she is MR/MRS Right.

However, rushing into relationship or rash decisions may lead to some misunderstood about your partner. Always remember you must give yourself time to know your other half well because he/she is going to be with you till the rest of your life.


You idealise your partner and think he/she is the perfect person in the world

When you start a relationship, remember listening is more important than talking. And by listening to all ears, you may realise he/she may not as perfect as you think. And instead of loving your partner for who he/she truly is, you will just have a feeling of disappointment.

You put your partner in the centre of your world

In reality, many people abandon their social relationship after dating. Moreover, everything in your life seems to be fully occupied by your lover. All of your conversation with friends, your routines, your hobbies or even your timetable are just all about/with your partner is a red flag that you are too dependent on your partner.


You ignore your feeling but forgive all of his/her mistakes.

Sometimes, you are just too in love with your partner so that you are willing to forgive all of his/her mistakes even if your boyfriend/girlfriend is not faithful to you. Instead, you ignore your deep down feeling and suffer the hurt they cause to you. However, this kind of reaction can’t save your relationship; it just makes everything worse.

You need her/him by your side 24/7

Keep messaging or waiting for your lover message or you have a sense of needing your partner by your side all the time is one of the worst feelings. This shows your disbelief and concern which kill your relationship faster than you thought. Please remember everyone needs their own time and space.


You can’t say “No” to your lover

Have you ever say “No” to your partner’s request? Keep in mind that you have the right to say “No” if your boyfriend/girlfriend has unreasonable demands.

You are overwhelmed by jealous feelings

When something like jealousy is taking over you and controlling your relationship, this is a sign that you must let your feeling go or let yourself walks out of this relationship. A healthy relationship should make you feel peaceful, happy instead of giving you anxiety and negative emotions.


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