7 Subtle Signs Suggest You Have Finally Moved On From Your Ex

Bindhiya Nhi |Aug 12, 2019

It takes time to forgive and forget after a breakup. Check out these 7 signs to make sure that you have officially moved on from your ex.

When you have invested your time and emotions into someone too much, calling it quits is never an easy task. Moving on becomes a big challenge, but it does not mean that you cannot make peace with your past. However, there will be days when you realize that the past no longer hurts.

Check out these 7 subtle signs to figure out whether or not you have officially moved on from ex.

No Messages, No Calls

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You stop wondering how his day is. You do not check your phone for his messages, nor do you want to call him. Moreover, you even deleted all his old messages because re-reading them is no longer your bedtime ritual.

Your Ex Has Moved On, So What

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You heard from a mutual friend that he is now dating another person. Surprisingly, you are not even bothered by the news at all. You might feel indifferent, or even be happy that he has moved on after this breakup.

The Joy Of Being Single

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You used to afraid of being single when you two first broke up. However, as time goes by, you realize that flying solo is not a bad idea. Eventually, you feel the joy of being on your own, filling your life with things and people that actually make you happy.

Dates And Anniversaries, Forget It

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You used to become a super sweet partner, remembering all the special dates and anniversaries. Now you realize that his birthday came and went months ago, and you totally forgot it somehow. Congratulations! He is no longer a part of your mental calendar.

No Comparison

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At first, whenever you saw a guy, he instantly reminds you of your ex. Now you not only stop seeing your ex in everyone but also stop comparing that person to your new date. Your ex might have better traits, but it makes no difference to you.

The Past Has Passed

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After a couple of months of no contact, you get a message or two. Your ex suddenly returns to your life, being flirtatious or asking you out for coffee. If you bluntly say "no" to all of his tempting invitations, it means that the past has passed away.

Remember This

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Breaking up with someone is never an easy thing to do, but at least there are a few lessons you can learn from it. You know it was your faults somehow, but mistakes are made so that you do not commit them again in the future. Eventually, you stop blaming yourself and ready to write a new chapter of your life.


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