How To Grow Hair Faster | 8 Super Hacks To Grow Long Hair Within A Month

Bhavna Acharya |Jun 15, 2020

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While some are lucky enough to be blessed with all-natural long hair, other men and women are struggling to find how to grow hair faster. However, in some cases, rather than being purely about good hair genes, it all boils down to a smart hair care routine.

Therefore, if you are unfortunately born with hair growth problems, there are ways to ameliorate the situation. Want to achieve a healthy thick head of hair? Keep scrolling for pro hair tips right below:

1. Get it trimmed frequently

Trimming your hair frequently turns out to be a way to make it grow faster

Indeed, you didn’t read it wrong. It may sound illogical at first but getting regular haircuts really benefits your hair. Professional hair stylists explain that although it is unable to boost your hair growth, getting frequent trims helps your hair appear to grow faster. This mainly comes down to the fact that when you eliminate split ends resulting in hair breakage, you also prevent your hair from losing length. Not just that, it evens help you reduce the chance of losing the bounciness and shine of your hair. 

2. Say no to hair bleaching

Bleaching can damage your hair and make it harder to grow out

Platinum blond hair would be a bold look that people with dark hair color may want to try. However, coloring and bleaching actually counteract hair's growth. Particularly, cuticle damage from the bleaching process will eventually result in more and more split ends. For the sake of healthy longest-possible hair, avoiding chemical treatment would be the best.

3. Know what to eat

Your healthy diet will improve the quality of your hair and skin

Most people often assume that a great hair care routine is entirely about what you apply to your hair. In fact, your daily intake is of great importance when it comes to hair care. In order to achieve long and strong hair, it is crucial that you include more protein in your meals.

Foods such as beans, nuts, fish, and whole grains are well-known for high protein content. Besides protein, vitamins are also beneficial to your hair. Try to increase the amount of vitamin A, C, E, and minerals like iron and zinc, there will soon be visible positive changes. 

4. Distribute hair’s natural oils

Using hair oil help nourish your hair and stimulate the growing process

From now, build yourself a habit of distributing your scalp’s oils via boar bristle brushes. By doing this, your scalp will stay naturally moisturized and the circulation will also get better. As a matter of fact, healthy scalps will create a more favorable condition for your hair to grow.

5. Stay away from heat styling tools.

heating your hair with styling tools will damage your hair

While looking to find the answer for how to grow hair faster, over-styling hair especially using heat tools is harmful to your hair. If the situation requires using heat, make sure you lower the temperature and also count on heat protection. Since high temperature can cause breakage and frizz to your hair, it's better that you keep in mind this information.

6. The daily shampoo is unnecessary

using shampoo every day to prevent your hair from getting nutrient

You have probably heard about the testimonials pointing out that going without shampoo can make your hair better. This comes from the fact that shampooing too frequently will wash away essential natural oils. These oils are only able to penetrate your hair and allow hair hydration and reparation if you let them remain on your scalps.

7. Finish with a cool rinse

How to grow hair faster? Cool rinse is good for your hair in every way

How to grow hair faster is not only the concern of women but also men. As mentioned before, the high temperature is not good for your hair at all. Therefore, before getting out of the bathroom, remember to turn the water temperature down. While a super-steamy shower makes your hair rough, a cool rinse actually heals the cuticle and strengthens your hair. 

8. Be gentle with wet hair

Your hair is easy to be broken when it's wet. Be careful with wet hair

When your hair is wet, it becomes extremely vulnerable to breakage. It would be best to let your hair rest and air dry after taking a shower. However, in case you really need to brush it, make sure to go easy on your wet hair.

Professional hairstylists often recommend using Tangle Teezers or a wide-toothed comb. Not only do the tools but the techniques also matter. Start from the end and gradually work your way up, remember to stay gentle while doing it.

After knowing how to grow hair faster, take a look at 3 easy hairstyles that work for everyman!

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