7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding To Break Up With Someone

Salena Harshini |Jun 24, 2019

Breaking up is always a difficult decision, especially when you've given a lot of love to that person. Therefore, before considering whether or not to give up, ask yourself these questions so that you won't regret later.

Love is the relationship that needs to be maintained from both sides if you want that love to be strong and long-lasting. However, for many reasons, sometimes the balance is skewed and either of the two feels too tired. Then, they just decide to let go. The moment you realize you break up with your loved one sometimes comes just as suddenly as a flash of lightning like that.

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In order not to fall behind, keep this thought in your mind: never make any decisions in a hurry or when your mood is not stable, especially when that decision is related to whether you should leave the person who has been with you all this time. There is a saying that “Words must be weighed, not counted”.

Therefore, before you decide to part ways with someone, you should also ask yourself these 7 questions!

1. Does this relationship help you to be better?


Do you feel you are getting better and better day after day? Normally, if a person truly loves you, he or she will always cheer and encourage you each time you attain any certain achievement. They will always stick up for all your interests and actions.

On the other hand, if you have a feeling that your other half is pulling you back and preventing you from doing what you like, this is one reason you should really consider. Because once you have grown a negative emotion and frustration towards someone who is extremely close to you, it means that emotion will only increase and will not diminish in the future.

2. Do two of you share the same plans and goals for your future?


This is definitely an extremely important question. If you are always looking forward to a life of travel, gathering with friends, pulling an oar in different experiences while your partner is introverted and only like staying at home, then right from the beginning, between the two of you already exists irreconcilable differences.

The plans and goals of a couple's life must always be built and commented on by both sides. Therefore, there would be hope for a bright future of you two, and with as less as possible the unworthy conflicts and controversies.

3. Have we actually communicated in a proper way?


In a relationship, we still need our private space with individual interests. However, this does not mean that you won’t need to care about each other and whatever the other person does have nothing to do with you. It is crucial that two people share mutual caring and understanding.

If there’s hardly any time you don’t feel underappreciated by that person and that he or she never is concerned with what you do and how you feel, then my friend, maybe there is a problem between you two.

4. Between happiness or sadness, which one do I feel more?


This question can help you evaluate your current romance clearly. Supposed that you are facing many problems and issues, but when you are with him or her, you still feel comfortable, peaceful and motivated. this is definitely a good sign.

On the contrary, when you clearly have no problem at all but your loneliness is still killing you. Even worse, it makes you two tired facing each other. There is neither energy nor motivation sparking between the so-called couple. That is when you have to rethink about your relationship.

5. Have we ever really given in or compromised to each other?


A relationship without compromise will certainly never work out. The reason for this is you are two separate individuals and your views cannot be unified at all times. If you are always the one to sacrifice, give up your joy to please the other person, then sorry to say this, your love has no future.

6. Why do I want to break up with that person?


Usually, there are so many factors affecting your relationship, but not every reason is easy for you to say out loud. For instance, “How come I want to break up with him just because he is not into showering?” What you need to do is to assess all those reasons.

If in your opinion, those are really serious and unacceptable, tell that person about them. If after the conversation and nothing gets better, this is the moment for you to make up your mind.

7. After the breakup, will my life get better?


Imagine what your life would be like without the other person, how would you feel? If you are sure that you will live well, even more happily, do not hesitate to make decisions no matter how difficult it is. Money and stability are important, but it can't be the reason you have to be with someone who doesn't love you.

Take time to think about this question carefully before considering whether the matter of continuing or stopping. If without that person, your life becomes gloomy, and you feel like it has no meaning anymore, then try to improve the relationship. Don't be confused by some of the momentary emotions.


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