7 Must-Have Apps For Drunkards - Never Send Messy Texts Again!

Hanima Anand |Mar 09, 2021

These apps are specifically designed for drunk people who might call their exes or spam others’ inbox with messy texts at night. Check what they can do!

You probably forgot what you told others the last time when you were drunk but it surely made you regret. To prevent similar incidents, you need to see these useful apps for drunkards. They are particularly designed to stop people from doing stupid things with their phones.

1 - Drunk Locker

Drunk Locker App
Remember to set the way you want to unlock the apps!

This is exactly what you need when you’re no longer sober. Have you ever posted nonsense stuff on social media after being drunk? The app Drunk Locker will automatically block you from every social networking site throughout the night. You can’t access Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or any app that you choose once click the button.

Make sure you set the app and time limit before you get your first drink.

2 – DrunkMode

Drunkmode App
Turn on Drunk Mode and worry no more!

If Drunk Locker blocks you from social media temporarily, DrunkMode has a similar function but for contact access. You won’t be able to unlock access to certain contacts on their phone before you could solve a math problem.

3 – Am I Drunk

When you’re not sure whether you’re drunk yet, use this app!

By filling your personal info including height, weight, gender, types of drink you had and the amount, it will calculate the alcohol level in your blood. This informs you the extent of drunkenness you are having.

4 – Stupid Stopper Drunk Block

As its name suggests, this app stops you from making impulsive drunk texts, comments or calls. After you start the programme, you can still surf the web but won’t leave any trace online.

5 – Drunk Text Saviour

Drunk Text Saviour App
The app will warn you whether you should send that message or not.

With the help of high technology, Drunk Text Saviour will analyse your message to spot spelling or formatting mistakes. If there are more mistakes than usual, a notification will pop up to warn you might be drunk.

6 – I’m Getting Arrested

Originally designed for protesters who might get arrested suddenly, the app is now expanding its customer base to drunken people as well. To use this app, you compose a personal message and pre-select contacts you want to send that message to in case of emergency.

When necessary, the message can be sent at the press of a button to all your close contacts without the need of a detailed explanation.

7 – AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

This app is quite similar to Am I Drunk because it also tracks your alcohol consumption and blood alcohol content. However, it gives more statistics on the amount you had consumed and log your drinking diary by days, weeks or even months.

Drunk Apps
In fact, there are many apps to track your blood alcohol content.

Above are 7 helpful apps for drunkards that can save your life in embarrassing moments. Who knows what you would send to your close contacts or a stranger when you no longer control yourself.

You can find these apps easily on Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

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