7 Magic Make-up Tricks of Korean Women For Flawless Skin

Kaira Immre |Aug 17, 2019

Korean makeup is considered as one of the most creative categories of all time. The different make-up tips from other countries help women look younger. Here’re 7 magic make-up tricks of Korean women to own flawless skin.

For thousands of years, the worldwide fashionistas have used make-up to get their look just better and catch up with fast-moving trends as well. Now, South Korea is considered the leading country in the beauty industry. It’s because Korean women own youthful and flawless skin in the world.

Of course, we can’t deny that healthy skin is the result of thorough skincare routine steps. But, to have glass skin, Korean women also apply make-up tips differently to achieve that adorable one. Here’re some magic make-up tricks of Korean women that you can learn and do it yourself easily.

Try “fruit juice” trend

Korean make-up tricks

Fresh as fruits - the first key tip for youthful skin. Korean women often call it as juicy-ism makeup. To own a younger face, you just need to cover on your cheeks with a fruit-colored blush like peach, strawberry and so on. Then, finish with a fruit-colored lipstick that is as same as the color on your cheeks. Tadaa, your skin looks fresher and more healthy. SURE.

Draw a straight eyebrow shape

Korean make-up tricks

Eyebrows are one of the most important steps in the make-up tricks of Korean women. They are known for having straight eyebrows which help them have sweet expressions and look younger. It’s opposed to the Western where women often make their eyebrows high-arched. And Korean women often consider as a “seaweed brow”.

Apply cushion foundations

Korean make-up tricks

Cushion foundations are so magic that can help Korean women reduce the time to get glowing and shining skin. But remember that never apply your cushion compact all over your face. The right way to use them is only applying on “heart points” of your face: nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. Then gently dab it around your face by pressing slightly. A cushion layer will make you look more natural.

Why not doll eyes?

Korean make-up tricks

It’s true to say “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart and the place where love resides.” Therefore, Korean women also focus on eyes make-up thoroughly. They often make their eyes like a doll’s, which means that the eyes will look bigger and rounder. The sparkling eyes shall help women look lovely and cute as a baby.

Slight liner

Korean make-up tricks

For glamorous looks, women in the world often draw one more bold eyeliner. It can make the eyes longer and sexier. But, it’s not true to Korean women. They just line their eyes lightly. The more simple, the better!

Blushing nose

Korean make-up tricks

Besides these above, Korean girls add the remaining of the blush on the nose. This opts for a naturally youthful look and balanced face ratio.

Gradient lips

Korean make-up tricks

The final make-up tricks of Korean women are creating gradient lips. To improve the nature of the lips, they love lightly dabbing a layer of lipstick on the inner part of the lips. If the layer is quite thick and looks fancy, they will cover it by the second layer of transparent lip gloss.


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