5 Super Easy Tips and Tricks to Get Silky Hair

Rose Advani |Sep 06, 2018

Follow these golden rules to possess gorgeous and sleek hair.

You are too tired of solving with parting, uncombed and scraggly hair? A bad hair day drives you crazy! Read on this list of tips and tricks below, and you find out answer to make your hair much shiner, smoother and healthier.

  1. Choose the right shampoo

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First and foremost, the inside factor undoubtedly has a direct influence on your health of hair. Just as your body needs essential vitamins and nutrients to function well, your hair also needs all the essences to grow healthily and smoothly.

Choosing the right shampoo plays a vital role in your hair health. First thing you need to pay attention to before picking the shampoo is to know well your type of hair. No matter how pricey your product, it doesn’t improve your hair condition. Just imagine what would happen to your car if you filled it with water instead of fuel! Remember to read ingredients before making a decision.

  1. Pay attention to your scalp

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People often invest most of time and money in cosmetics, sprays or oil masks to keep hair silky. However, you might be neglecting the importance of your scalp. Don’t forget it if you’re dreaming of wonderful hair.

After a long day, your hair may be affected by environmental damage, not to mention exfoliate, which can make your hair dirty and dull.

Try messaging your scalp ư a day, and you can gain better results if combining with Vitamin E.  You should pick exfoliating shampoo to restore some hydrations you miss and replenish moisture. Be persistent, your locks will grow in stronger.

  1. Wash hair with cold water

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Hair's cuticle will open up in hot water and consequently lose natural oil and moisture from your hair, resulting in frizzy hair and dehydrated scalp.

Cold water helps to boost the moisture and leaves your scalp hydrated. If you can’t wash hair without hot water, you can start with warm water and after using shampoo and conditioner, you wash off with cold water to seal the pores.

  1. Opt for argan oil


Argan oil, or considered as “liquid gold”, is rich in essential nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E that nourish the skin and hair. These nutrients can be found in fruits and some food such as egg yolks and fish.

If you feel your hair always lifeless and limp, rub a small amount of argan oil from roots to ends of hair and you must be surprised with the positive results.

  1. Give your hair nourishing mask

Hair masks are made from beneficial and natural ingredients; therefore, they have the power to moisturize and nourish your hair and enhance hair texture as well.


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