5 Signs Indicating You Are Selling Your Soul In Relationship

Ankita Chetana |Mar 13, 2020

Mistakes in a relationship are likely to happen always but don't let yourself dine at the depth of losing self-esteem that underrates you. Here are some signs to help you realize your status of settling for less as soon as possible.

We have talked a lot about giving and taking in a relationship that needs a balance for both sides. Sometimes, failed attempts in pretending to be happy push us into the hole of self-worth loss. When you come to heel in your relationship, hardship will cost you a lot. Before taking it severely, you had better have a look at 5 signs pointing the status of settling for less in you.

Mesmerize yourself in happiness

Mesmerize To Be Happy
Try to speak that "I'm Happy" - It's a tear of losing confidence

Some people are jumping on the road of happiness without a deep understanding of their own enjoyment. You try to shout out to the world that you are perfectly happy and also talk to yourself the same. But actually, you are sinking in the despair and concerns which are swallowing your bits of cells.

Grudge on your partner's things

Irratation On Partners Habit
Annoy with anything from your partner is one of the most obvious signs of settling for less

If at one time, you throw the annoyance on whatever your partner makes or does, it's when you are settling for less. Rather than an irritative habit, this gradually erodes your inner self and you will feel unhappy in your own relationship.

Compare to the others' relationships

Settling For Less
"My friend's lover is always picking her up to work" - Comparison shows your desire

Despair in a love affair can touch the maximum when you start to compare your relationship with someone else's. It is time you get to know that other couples are happier than you and your partner. It is time when you realize you deserve the better and jealousy surrounds you often.

Cower in a corner

Keep In Love
Never go out of a relationship status

Fears come to you under various types and incarnations. You dislike the word 'breakup' and fear of loneliness when ending the linkup. Instead of having some time for yourself, you pour all of the energy into dating. It sounds like you are emotional, but in reverse, you are keeping yourself in a comfort zone.

Stuck but no escapes

This is also another type of mesmerizing yourself when you think that you couldn't find anyone better. You accept everything at the present and try to persuade yourself that it's okay. Self-worth loses because of this thought and you are settling for less.

By this or that way, you are trading your soul off and snapping a big hit on your relationship. Settling for less is not always good, so prior to turning everything worse, you had better save your soul out of loss.


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