6 Reasons Why Good Friendship Lays Firm Foundation For Love To Bloom

Jasmin Hue |Oct 12, 2019

If you see your partner as your best friends, you tend to have stronger relationship. Why? Let's check out these 6 reasons, maybe they will help you to bring your relationship to the next new level.

In any relationship, there's ups and downs. It takes so much effort from both sides to go through a hard time. One efficient way to maintain a healthy relationship is to consider your partner as your best friend. Here are 6 reasons why love should be based on good friendship

1. They always have quality time together

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They don’t have to make a careful plan for a date to impress their partner. Neither do they need to choose a romantic, luxurious place, dress up formally and do fancy activities together? Because they genuinely have fun as long as they are together.

The joy comes purely from their heart, so even doing simple daily activities together like going to the supermarket, cooking, washing dishes can already satisfy them. No matter what, they will always have a good time with a lot of laughter.

2. They feel no awkwardness when being together

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Usually, we have to mind each action we take, every word we utter as many of us fear that our partner might see our dark sides. But loving best friends means that there’s not need at all to fake themselves, they can be their authentic selves.

They can freely show who they are, how they feel and what they need or expect without worrying if their partner would judge them or not. So they will feel totally secured when being together.

3. They can talk about anything

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These couples can talk about days and nights together. They have a wide range of topics to talk about, from serious one like how the US President Donald Trump will run for his presidential campaigns, how the country will develop in the next ten years, to even the silliest stories like how they pulled a prank on their friends when they were at high school.

Basically, these couples can also confide their secrets or sensitive topics to their partner. They never get bored talking to each other and they wish to have 30 hours per day for chit-chatting.

4. They are each other’s source of positivity.

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They stay side by side and cherish every moment together. Hand in hand, they go through ups and downs of life and will always be there when their partner needs them. They encourage each other when hardships come, together they help to create a positive outlook on life. And they can find happiness within sadness.

5. They actually love everything about their partner

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Other couples might just fall in love at first sight, without being able to name out the factors that make them like their partner. They turn out to have different interests or even do not get on good terms with their partner’s friends. But if those who are in a relationship with their best friends, they deeply understand and know numerous things about their partner, about their interests, their friends. They love everything that shapes their partner’s identity. They value things that are important to their partner. And chances are, they tend to have fun with each other’s friends.

6. They are grateful to have each other in their life

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It’s not at all easy to find a soulmate. It’s definitely magical to be able to find one, who is a lover and a reliable friend. They would constantly remind themselves not to take each other for granted. They embrace every bad and good point of each other and always try their best to protect this precious relationship.


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