6 Effective Tips To Spice Your Marriage Life Up After A Tiring Workday

Mishka Saisha |Sep 16, 2019

This article brings you six efficient ways to strengthen your sense of intimacy in your marriage life regardless of your exhaustion at the end of the day.

After a tiring working day, you have little energy left to connect with your spouse and vice versa. However, both of you have to enhance the intimate relationship even though you might be exhausted with kids and bills.

Therefore, in this article, we bring you six efficient ways to help you strengthen your sense of intimacy in your marriage life regardless of your exhaustion at the end of the day.

Start Conversation With Open-Ended Questions

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Try your best to avoid close-ended questions such as “Are you OK today?” or “Was your day good?” Since you might be tired after a long day, these questions will receive simple responses such as “Okay” or “Good.” They result in no more in-depth conversations.

Instead, ask your spouse questions like “What was your most enjoyable part today?” to let them talk about their day. It is the best way to hook them into a conversation. Don’t forget to use eye contact in the conversation and listen to their stories with all your heart.

Use The Language Of Love

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The expression of love is an incredible alternative for love-fest. Just relax and show them your affection. A long hug can connect two hearts after a busy day. Or some unexpected romantic kisses all night can cure fatigue.

If you prefer more discreet ways to avoid bothering the kids, holding your spouse's hand while watching TV or walking around at night. You can put arms around them when they are doing dishes. Besides, while playing a couple of game on mobile or tablet, using your legs to touch their feet might help you much in connecting with your partner.

Recall The Good Old Days Together

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Reminiscing is an excellent method for helping you get away from stress in the daily workload. It is also an effective way to boost your energy at the end of the day. Don’t hesitate to take a trip back with your lover.

Loving memories and funny moments in the past will enhance your intimacy since those memorable experiences have brought both of you together today.

Go To Sleep Together Early

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Getting to bed together is a good idea to refresh your relationship. It's the moment when you jump on the bed and snuggle up to your spouse brings you a feeling of security and being loved. Relax together and enjoy the time at the end of the day in the partner's comfort will fill up your energy for the next day.

A Smile Is Always The Best

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You might have a bad mood after a tiring day; however, put this perspective in mind, which is your spouse is who you care the most, and smile at them when you return home. It can help you connect with your partner and get over the bad mood from work.

Psychologist and facial coding experts have stated that smiles with both eyes and lips, even it’s fake, can make you feel better. And your spouse tends to smile back when they see your smile. It will create a good beginning for an in-depth conversation.

Do Planning Together

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You both certainly have a list of goals from a very first day of the marriage. Don’t forget to achieve it together day by day. Talk about these intentions with your partner and discuss the plan to accomplish it every day. It can connect your dreams, even excite you, and bring both of you the positive energy at the end of the day.

Never Forget Your Love

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Your marriage is always in need of love and attention. Your spouse is the person you love and the reason why you work. Never forget it; make your effort to invest your energy and pour your love to keep your marriage alive.

With the tips in this article, we hope that you can create and maintain an intimate connection with your partner even after the toughest workdays.


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