6 Best Skincare Tips For Bearded Men During Cold And Dry Months

Kimmy Karima |Oct 12, 2019

Dry season can worsen the best skin if it’s not appropriately cared for. Here we particularly have some best skincare tips for bearded men, so their skin and beards are kept healthy always.

During dry months, our skin requires a lot more attention and care so it can stay nice and smooth. This is especially true for bearded men.

While a beard may keep your chin, or face, warmer in cold days, it tends to get rough, and the skin under it tends to get dull and dry.

That said, if you have a good skincare regime, your skin and beard can still keep their charm, despite bad weather. So check out these skincare tips for bearded men and you’ll stay worry-free in autumn, winter, or all year round.

Keep cleansing your face

Skincare Tips For Bearded Men

When it’s getting cold, you may feel that your skin is clean because you don’t perspire that much. But in fact, the dirt and dead cells still block your pores if you don’t cleanse your face daily. That will cause acne and other skin problems. So, no matter how often you have to go out, or how clean you feel your skin is, keep washing your face at least once daily.

Since the cold weather is harsh enough on your skin, you should look for a very mild, preferably natural or organic, cleanser. You can still use a facial exfoliator once or twice a week but choose a gentle one too.

Apply moisturizer regularly

Skincare Tips For Bearded Men

A good moisturizing cream is your skin’s good friend, especially during the autumn and winter months. When you keep your skin well hydrated, it’ll be smooth and nice, even if you have a thick beard and even if everything else is dry.

Moisturizer should be applied within a few minutes after you wash your face, so it can seal in the moisture on your skin. And don’t think that a big amount will be of more help. Too much cream can also clog your pores. Regularity is more important than quantity.

Use lukewarm or cool water

Skincare Tips For Bearded Men

Too warm water can make you feel good on a cold day but it ruins your skin and makes it, as well as your beard, even drier. Should you wash your face with cold tap water then?

While cold water may make you alert in the morning, it may also affect your skin in a negative way because of the extreme temperature. The better options are lukewarm or just cool water for your face.

Use some beard oil and/or balm

Skincare Tips For Bearded Men

Your beard needs some proper care in harsh weather conditions, because it may be much coarser and drier than the hair on your head. So a good beard oil will hydrate and condition your beard and also the skin under it, make them softer and reduce the risk of irritation. You can also use beard balm, which makes your beard easier to style.

Other than that, a high-quality balm will also provide your beard and skin with nutrients so they become healthier. Not to mention that some good balms give your beard a very, very appealing fragrance too.

Don’t forget the trimming

Skincare Tips For Bearded Men

Even if you want to grow a long and thick beard to keep you warm, you still need to trim it regularly, else the hairs will spring up in every direction and you’ll look scruffy. You may buy a good trimmer to do that yourself, or you may go to your favourite barber.

Whatever your choice is, don’t just leave your beard to grow spontaneously for months. Because without care, both your beard and your skin will downgrade more quickly than you know.

Comb your beard very gently

Skincare Tips For Bearded Men

If your hair is short, you may not need a comb. But if you grow your beard, you really need to comb it before going out, so it looks nicer, smoother and certainly well-tended.

Use a decent comb and be very gentle to your beard so it’s untangled but you won’t suffer from too much facial hair loss. In case you have a long beard, bring a small comb with you to use on the go and your beard will be really thankful.


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