5 Ways To Take Your Relationship To A Higher Level With Major Couple Goals

Leela Adwani |Jan 30, 2020

If you are in a romantic relationship and want to improve the communication with your partner, then spend enough time with her/him to feel like you truly understand them inside-out.

Communication is considered the key to any healthy relationship every now and then. If you are in search of the foundation of every romantic relationship, then it will be healthy communication. The way you express your thoughts to your partner can make all the difference. The fact is that the better you can communicate, the stronger your relationship is. However, bear in mind that to be a good communicator, you must be also a good listener.

Today, we bring you 5 tips that are bound to help you express your thoughts easier and bring two of you closer to each other

Transparent and tell what you need

Believe it or not but miscommunication is the main culprit behind the splits of many couples. Be it emotional or mental absence, it is an obvious sign of a dull love life. Many people don’t take it seriously but unfulfilled needs or desires can day by day destroy their relationship. The most important thing is that both should know what their partner expects about relationship goals. By doing so they can avoid many unnecessary arguments.

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He/she cannot read your mind

It’s not undeniable that in a lot of circumstances, people tend to rely on the facial expression to guess the deep emotions of their partner, such as happiness, dissatisfaction, and anger. However, expecting him or her to read our mind based on the expressions only and not on words isn’t a healthy communication. Remember that your partner is just like you and they are not a mind reader. Discussing the problems rather than keeping mum and expecting him/her to understand is our advice.

Listen first and discuss later

One of the biggest mistakes is that we usually vent out before listening to our partner’s story. Once the fight begins, it’s hard to quickly hug it out as it’s the time we easily lose our control and forget that relationship is a two-way street. Each person has the same equal to speak our minds during the discussions. Little do we know that one of the most important communication skills is not only talking but listening also. Positive relationships are usually developed by listening to each other.

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Solve the conflicts

Disagreements, fights, and arguments are indispensable parts of any relationship. You cannot avoid it and how to solve it is a different ballgame. The way you handle these conflicts can directly affect your relationship. The fact ist that misunderstanding probably leads to unwanted fights and in some cases even leads to many bigger problems if it is unresolved.

Spend time with each other

Society is ever-evolving which means people are getting busier with a hectic working schedule, travel plans and a lot of other activities. Couples are hard to spend much time on each other. If you have a nine-to-five job and most of your time is at the office, then it’s time to do something to change. You should know that the more time you invest in your relationship goals, the better it will grow. However, we still highly recommend that you should meet each other in person. Sending messages or facetime is good but it will be better if you can have face-to-face conversations while sipping some tea or coffee.

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To conclude, unhealthy verbal communication usually starts with self negative thoughts from one side. If you are in a romantic relationship and want to improve the communication with your partner, then spend enough time with her/him to feel like you truly understand them inside-out. Always remember that the reason behind most arguments stem from miscommunication. All you need to do is to stay calm and everything will be okay.


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