5 Hair Care Tips You Should Take Note For A Healthy And Non-Greasy Hair

Rena Quynh |Apr 04, 2019

Good bye all-time greasy hair with 5 super simple hair care tips. Read to find out more.

Are you seeking effective hair care tips as you always have a headache for greasy hair? You wash your hair quite a lot to remove all the oil and greasy feeling like a temporary solution without realising that it just makes your hair condition worse.

The more you wash, the more damage you do to the hair as the chemicals in the shampoo will devastate the roots and also dry out your hair, which leads to flaky and itchy hair.

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So how can we solve this problem? Well look no further, we will help you by listing out five hair care tips to avoid for a healthy and non-greasy hair.

Brushing your hair too much

Sounds weird but the fact is that over-brushing leads to the oily condition. The reason is that by combing your hair, you are forcing your hair to produce more sebum which causes greasy hair even you have just washed it with shampoo.

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Get your hands on the hair

You have heard that touching your face will make the skin condition get worse (usually pimple breakouts), so you also have the same problems for your hair. Don’t be so surprised to realise that our hands are actually full of bacteria and dirt after a long day of touching everything ‘not so clean’ without cleaning them. Just imagine that you let those unwashed hands touching your hair, greasy hair is the result.

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Making the same hairstyle like a ponytail or a bun over and over

Sometimes you should give your hair a break rather than daily ponytail or bun. When you tie your hair up, you unintentionally gather all the dirt and bacteria in one place. So, it is very important that you let your locks flow and breathe.

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If you believe washing your hair more often can ensure your hair will clean all the time, you're wrong. As you should know excessive washing will stripe away all the natural and beneficial oil so your hair will make more oil in return for the oil lost. Washing your hair once or twice a week is enough.

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Poor diet

Your body needs to consume enough vital nutrition to stay healthy, so does the hair. Lack of nutrition and vitamins can cause hair’s undergrowth, bad hair condition. If you want to absorb the right vitamins for healthy hair, go for vitamin B, particularly B6 and B2.

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