5 Reasons Leading Non-Married Couples To Break-up After Quarantine Time

Ankita Chetana |Apr 10, 2020

The lockdown series may be the best time to connect two souls and sometimes is when you find out that your relationship cannot expire anymore. Check out 5 reasons!

We are mentioning about the couples who are yet to get married. The divorce rate might see a decrease when sharing under the same roof while the long-distance relationship may witness some broken hearts. You may wonder why, as the quarantine time we can spend everything with your partner, even the whole day. But some of what you are thinking maybe the reasons leading to a breakup.

Hidden Reasons Leading To A Breakup after Quarantine
Your love is nearly ending that you may not know

A sweet chocolate pie of love is cut, which sounds heartbreaking more than ever. You may find yourself in some reasons leading to the breakup after quarantine below.

1. Your relationship ended before & quarantine just holds it back

You two are awake enough to acknowledge this situation but also want to extend it. No one opened up about the breakup that it should be and quarantine makes everything clear. Well, it's not because of the distance, it's because of your yet-to-be-mended heart.

Game Of Love Is Over Already
Game of love is already over before quarantine

This sounds like both of you have been trying to paint an illusory picture when the goodbye is already available. Prior to sheltering in place, your hearts got broken. Eventually, the temporary quarantine will become a knock-out bullet to shoot your temporary duration down.

2. Deep distance from your heart

It means that you or your partner always try to keep a distance from each other and blame for social distancing during quarantine time. We're really compulsory to join the government in social distancing, but actually we can build a stronger romance in some other ways. It's just you two don't want to do so.

Easily, when you pour out all the heart to find a way of maintaining the connection inside. However, you see that your partner isn't passionate about cooperating with you to make it come true. The tension is always one of the biggest reasons leading to a breakup.

Remember that remaining the romance needs two people, not a single one.

  • One of you not feel the safety
You Wish Your Partner Wash Hands More
You wish your partner would be more cautious during the quarantine time

Overfluttering behavior during quarantine time may separate two pieces of love. Your partner goes out and comes back without any caution of washing hands or touching less. This results in your sense of discomfort and unsafety.

  • Controlling each other all the time

Being at home may lead to some intense questions and extreme control. This is when you feel that caring becomes poisonous torture that you want to throw it up. When something is overdose, it will show the counteractive.

3. A side affair is revealed

Staying in creates more space and time for you two to know about each other. If looking deeper into it, one of you may see what needs to be seen. In the time of quarantine, you are not allowed to go out except for buying necessities and food. This means that you also cannot meet your 'friends' and some 'interests' are deemed off-limits.

Your Partner Has An Affair
The hidden affair is hard to be hidden in the time of quarantine

At the time one of you couldn't bear the lack of physical (or emotional, sometimes) demand from your secret affair, everything will be revealed. The quarantine can warm-up two distant souls but cannot mend a changed heart.

4. Realize that you don't belong with one another

It may be a reason that you haven't thought of. It's sad but true that the quarantine helps you to understand many things in concern to your partner, including how much you relate to him/her.

You Two Dont Belong Together
A deep reason when you don't feel he/she fits you in love

Two souls don't dance in sync anymore, that is amongst the most hurtful reasons leading to a breakup. Especially, you may know what your partner likes or wants actually doesn't suit you at this time.

5. Find that your partner isn't a beautiful missing piece of your love life in the harsh time

Above all the reasons leading a breakup after quarantine, this absolutely grieves your heart the most. We don't have many things to write about this as only the insiders can understand.

After all, we don't expect a breakup will happen to you but let's build your mindset and think over the above reasons leading to a breakup.


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