5 Best Lotion For Long-last Tattoos

Priyansh Ha |Feb 15, 2019

To keep your tattoo stay cool for years, it’s necessary to “make friend” with a good lotion. Check out the best 5 skin products for your tattoos to last long.

Have you just got a new dream tattoo which you’ve been dreamed of for a long time? Feeling great, right? However, there is the fact that your tattoos might fade away or lose its vibrancy by the time due to sun exposure and pollution, especially with coloured ones. To keep your tattoo stay cool for years, it’s necessary to “make a friend” with a good tattoo lotion. It only prevents your tattooed skin from being dry and irritating but helps maintain the vibrant colours.  


Being a celeb tattoo artist for Emma Roberts, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Sophie Turner, Daniel Winter aka Winter Stone recommends oil-free unscented lotion for certain tattoos. His favourite one is Lubriderm, but he also suggests 4 others as the most ideal skin products for tattoo-lovers.


Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Body and Hand Lotion

This item is Stone’s top choice for reasons. This lotion is not only oil-free but also leaves your skin hydrated and moisturiser for a day. Especially you won’t find it greasy or sticky at all.


House 99 by David Beckham Bold Statement Tattoo Body Moisturizing Cream

With more than 40 tattoos all over his body, David Beckham has his own tattoo cream which is surprising. Your skin will be hydrated and protected thoroughly from outside factors. With SPF 50, it helps to prevent UV rays from decolourising your tattoos.


Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

If you’re looking for an all-natural moisturiser, coconut oil is definitely the best option to go with. It’s a safe way to get a moisturised and hydrated skin without using any additives or chemicals.


Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

New tattoos sometimes cause your skin irritating and dry. With soothing oat, Aveeno's lotion is ideal for sore and sensitive skin.


Aquaphor Healing Ointment

This drugstore item can take care of your dry skin just like any other expensive items do.


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