For Love Or For Food? 33 Per Cent Women Confessed To Have Been On "Foodie Call"

Salena Harshini |Jun 26, 2019

One-third of women said they went out with someone not because they are actually fond of them, but for the free meal they could get, unveiled by a study.

Currently, it has been revealed in a couple of online surveys that, one fourth to one-third of women agree to go on a date with someone they don’t really fancy because they want to devour without paying. This is the origin of the phrase "foodie call".

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MailOnline reported the results of a research conducted by professors of Azula Pacific University’s Psychology Department,  the women portraying the biggest possibility to perform "foodie call" were the attendants who got the highest scores on three "dark triads" - Machiavellianism, psychopathy, and narcissism.

The first study was carried out on the scale of 820 women, they were asked a set of questions evaluating their characteristics, the ideology of gender roles and how frequent that "foodie call" experience has taken place in their life. One question was whether it is appropriate to date a person solely to be treated with a free meal, or a free drink.

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The results came with 23 percent said they did it once, from time to time or scarcely ever. While the ladies who confessed to taking part in foodie calls assume it was not a problem to do so, most of the others believed the act was "extremely to moderately unacceptable."

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The next study with a similar series of questions was conducted with 357 straight women, one-third of whom later admitted they had done a foodie call before. Be that as it may, these studies indicated that they hadn’t chosen typical women specimen. Therefore, it's obscure whether they speak for all ladies by and large.

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Joint author of the research, Dr. Brian Collisson, Associate Professor in Azusa Pacific University’s Department of Psychology, shared:

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Source: WeHeartIt

"Foodie call" was wittily deprived of the term "booty call", which means an invitation for sexual intercourse. It would very be intriguing to find out if the ladies who agreed to engage in a foodie call could tell that the other person would pay for them, or it is just their assumption.


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