Things From The Past: 3 Things You Should Tell Your Partner Vs. 1 You Shouldn’t (Part 2)

Kaira Immre |Oct 31, 2019

You’re in a close relationship and wondering if you should tell your partner truly some things about yourself or not. And we’re here to list 3 private things from the past that you should or shouldn’t share with your lover.

Here is part 2 of the things you should and shouldn't share with your partner. Check out!

Do Share: Why Your Last Relationship Ended

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Discussing why you broke up with your ex isn’t always awkward, conversely, it can help build a solid foundation for your current relationship. Moreover, recalling things from the past like relationship mistakes makes two of you less inclined to repeat them together. For example, your ex never cared about your feelings, which made you disappointed and decide to break up. When you confide your past to your current lover, he or she will try not to make the same mistakes as your ex did.q

Do Tell Them: Your Sexiest Thoughts & Fantasies

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Sharing what you think with a partner can be great fun although it can make you embarrassing. Fantasy sharing will build honesty and belief between the two of you. Telling him or her your awkward thoughts means you have listed them in your future, which is a critical factor for a long-term relationship. So, to achieve a long-term relationship with a fulfilling life, you surely overcome your shyness.

Do Share: Your History Of Mistakes

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Although two of you don’t need to discuss everything that happened before your relationship began, you should be honest. It must be very painful and disappointed if your partner knows your past mistakes through other people. Opening up your cheatings truly, even your history of infidelity means that you’re honest and sincere. So go ahead and own it.

Don't Share: What You Liked Best About Your Ex

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When you begin a new relationship, remember not to recall all the things from the past related to your ex. Especially, if you try to compare your current lover with the ex, you’re killing your relationship by yourself. He or she will feel uncomfortable and jealous, which is one of the main reasons for making your cohesion soft.


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