Things From The Past: 3 Things You Should Tell Your Love Partner Vs. 1 You Shouldn’t (Part 1)

Kaira Immre |Oct 30, 2019

You’re in a close relationship and wondering if you should tell your partner truly some things about yourself or not. And we’re here to list 3 private things from the past that you should or shouldn’t share with your love partner.

When it comes to a healthy relationship, it’s important for everyone to understand clearly about his/her love partner. There’ll have something gross and embarrassing you want to share with your lover and also a few things that you keep secrets.

Although the choice is up to you, it’s better to weigh and be discerning before telling them your private things. Here’re three things from the past you should open up as well as one thing you should keep privately.

Do Share: Your Current Health

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This is one of the important things from the past you should share with your current love partner. If your partner is supportive, you may notice that talking about your health situation turns over a new leaf in your relationship.

Sharing it truly will not only create a sense of integration and cohesion but also give your love partner a chance to hear and understand your problems. This is a necessary factor for every healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Do Share: Past Traumatic Events

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Although these events are quite difficult to share with others but bear in mind that it may be helpful for you to open them up. This makes your partner understand you better and feel closer and safer when in a relationship with you.

Also, revealing the sad things allows the partner to support you in overcoming them.

Do Share: Your Financial Situation

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It sounds shy when saying to the lover things from the past, especially financial situation but it’s a critical factor in a relationship. The key time to share it with the love partner is when two of you decide to become more intertwined. Whether old financial problems impact negatively on the relationship or not is the thing anyone wants to know.

 Don't Share: Your Past Sexual Partners

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Playfully show off about past sexual habits seems to be harmless, but don’t tell them about specific things related to your ex. Because your new boyfriend/girlfriend may be jealous and unsafe when they think about you being with others. However, if your love partner wants to know, you can consider sharing without any shame.


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