15 Easy Hairstyles For A Romantic Date In 2019 Valentine's Day

Priyansh Ha |Feb 11, 2019

Don't settle for basic waves.

Check out these genius ideas below for easy hairstyles which will make you look sweeter than chocolate in this Valentine’s day.


Sweep Up A Side

This hairstyle is super easy to go with few bobby pins to sweep up part of your hair on the good side of your face. You might need to flat iron waves to add up edges to complete the look.


Braided Top Bun

Braid your hair from the roots to shape a high top bun and pair it with statement earring.


California Dream

If you have a long hair, make beachy waves to give a sweet and dreamy vibe to your romantic date.


High Pony

Pony is a classic but great idea to show off your whole face and both your long lush hair.


Wispy Pixie

If you are looking for something unique, try this style on. Don’t forget to add some bends with a mist of spray to nix the frizz.


Modern Rapunzel

Long low braid will make you look like a sweet princess. Literally as sweet as chocolate!


'90s Baby

A ponytail is only for office? A small scrunchie is enough to change the look entirely.


Top Knotch

This style is suitable for any occasion but especially perfect for a date in a fancy soirée or boardroom.


Middle Part Hair

Middle part hair is the ultimate hairstyle whether your hair is long or short. Few loose waves will help volume up your hair and frame your face.


Long and Layered

This one is similar to the middle part hair but with layers and long wavy curls.


Cascading Braids

If you’re interested in braids, try Kerry Washington’s style with long braids falling down to reach the ribcage.


Retro Glam

This style reminds us of Old Hollywood curls, so classic and graceful. Curling iron with 1-inch size is all you need for styling. Of course, hair spray or was is required to hold the frizz.


Braid Remix

A rebellious mix of cornrows and box braids will steal the spotlight. Even when it consumes a lot of time, it's worth to give it a try.


Volume Up

If you are afraid that this hairstyle is impossible to maintain all day long, be friend with the right mousse. The result will be amazing.


Curl Craze

This unique style requires styling cream or mousse to nix the frizz.


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