Instead Of Being A Potato Couch Couple, Create Sweet Memories With These 15 Activities

Sahana Nhi |Aug 31, 2019

Netflix can certainly bring sweet memories to couples but how about their health? Why don’t you try 15 these healthy and super-duper cute activities?

Needless to say, Netflix is certainly the most interesting thing in this world for entertaining. Netflix nights are usually known as perfect date nights that cost cheaply but brings a lot of joy.

You can watch dramatic and funny series for fun or undergo scary moments with horror movies. I totally agree that Netflix can bring sweet memories to couples but how about their health?

Everyone knows the harms of watching TV continuously, it will make you get obese, it also increases the chance of cardiovascular disease and so on.

Why don’t you find other ways to create sweet memories together without having bad effects on your health? Let’s try these 15 things with your S.O.

sweet memories

1. Riding bikes together

You can not only enjoy the fresh air and get a tiny work out for yourself but also have a great time with your partner.

2. Cooking together

sweet memories

Don’t worry if you two don’t know how to cook because there are a lot of recipes and tutorial videos on the internet. Just try from the easiest meals to the harder one together, it will be your happiest moment which you never forget.

3. Making DIY décor for each other’s room


You will have a great time while talking and making something together. Whatever you and your S.O make, it will certainly contain you two’s love and sincerity. Don’t forget to take a picture with that sweet finished products, it will be great!

4. Seeing a local concert or street arts

You can check online for your favourite artists or musicians' concert or just walk around your downtown to enjoy street arts. Street artists are everywhere, find your favourite and show him or her to your partner.

5. Having a small game with chocolate

sweet memories

Let’s go to a chocolate shop and buy some with completely different favour. Remove the wrappers and put chocolates in the box. After that, you can take turns to eat the chocolates and guess their favor. It will be fun, but don’t forget to give a prize for the winner, maybe just a kiss or even some naughty things.

6. Exploring some new places in your city

You can find some new local restaurant, coffee shop or book store and ask your partner to explore with you. If it’s possible, you can even go further with your car, for example, to go to another neighbourhood.

7. Enjoying a play together

It will be more lively and fun than watching on Netflix, just believe in the experts.

8. Going camping or picnic

Outdoor activities always bring a lot of benefits. However, don’t forget to bring your sun cream and your first aid kit, just in case.

9. Going to the gym

You can kill two bird with only one stone by going to the gym with your partner. You can have a great time together while burning the calories, and also become hotter in each other’s eyes.

10. Stargazing together

sweet memories

If both of you are a fan of astronomy, stargazing together will be the most romantic things you should do. Take your partner to the place where has a good view and try to find each other’s constellations!

12.  Going to local museums

Let’s go to local museums together if you two have a passion for new knowledge. There isn’t any other place that can satisfy both as museums do.

13. Taking part in some extracurricular class

From cooking class to contemporary art class, just choose the most suitable extracurricular class according to you two’s hobbies and tastes. That will be the best time to understand more about each other.

14. Having fun at amusement parks

sweet memories

If your S.O or you are meeting trouble or getting stress, say no more, go to the amusement park together! After that, remember to bring joy to your home and let the sorrow stay there.

15. Baking

Why don’t you two try baking if both of you are sweets addicted? Sweet make normal people feel happy but with our sweet tooth, baking and eating finished products are extremely fun!


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