13 Secrets To Have A Long Lasting And Happy Relationship

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 29, 2019

Here is what happy couple do!

Discuss with each other about the future plans in comfortability

A relationship with full of negative feeling, worrying, unstable and arguing instead of talking together about the upcoming plan is easy to be affected by outside influences. A relationship can be considered as potential when a couple could comfortably discuss with the other about future plans.

Make sure every promise are fulfilled

A stable relationship is when the two could pay their faith to each other. Therefore, respect the other by making every promise come true and do not promise when it is impossible to do.

Do not try to control the other

Everyone has a personal perspective and a different thought. That why do not force anyone to follow you if you really think for him/ her.

Accept the differentiation in the personal schedule

Everyone has the right to have their own life. If there is real love between the two, they will not hesitate to try to find sympathy and forgiveness to have a harmonious life together. Do not have to suffer annoying which are numerous and long last like a movie with the uncountable chapter. Who can stand a life where most of the time is spent to guess what does the soul mate want? In many cases, silent is not always golden.

Always proud of the other

A relationship will be full of selfishness, jealousy and negativity when the two cannot accept the success of the other. In a potential relationship, a couple will happy together when one gains an achievement.

Always take care of each other's future plans

In a positive relationship, the communication between the two will be more frequent and have more concern about the changes in their future plans.

Think for your lover even when quarrelling

Sometimes, Arguing and quarrel happen; But, after every cold war, remember to have actions to let's the other understand that you also tried to understand his/her opinions.

No space for jealousy in your relationship

Jealous is like a spice of love. However, when one becomes obsessed with the jealous, love will become a burden.

Never speak ill of the other

Obviously, sharing with friends is a great way to reduce stress and find sympathy. However, talking about bad things of your soul mate has more negative effects than benefits. For internal problems, It is better to find the solution together.

Nothing is completely wrong

If a couple wants to have a stable and long last relationship, they better to keep calm and consider the right and wrong thing in every discussion.

Have never tried to change the other

In real love, no one is going to be forced to become or compared to the third person. The two will respect the other's current characteristics.

Have never blame the other

Taking care of the other and solving problems together not blaming each other is the key for a long last relationship.


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