8 Signs That Indicate You Are Suffering A One-sided Relationship

Rose Advani |Nov 07, 2019

Though you are in love or marriage, a one-sided relationship will ruin, then destroy your soul. You need to find out that to escape from the hurting relationship.

It’s perfect when you are in a two-sided relationship in which two people come together, and they carry desires, expectations, and boundaries to each other. Unluckily, you get stuck in a one-sided relationship that hurt you for a long time. However, it’s hard to realize which relationship you are in.

A one-sided relationship hurts you much
A one-sided relationship hurts you much

The love can fool everyone, and it’s normal when you trick yourself that your relationship is healthy. The best advice we may give you confirms that which relationship you are in, the be powerful to fix it or escape from the hurting relationship.

Here are 8 signs that indicate you are stuck in a one-sided relationship with lots of hurts and pains!

No matter how you try, they feel unhappy

Sometimes you want to warm up your love by intimate reactions and lovely gifts; however, your partner still gets unhappy with all or ignores your try.

One Sided Relationship Compressor
Your partner feels unhappy no matter how you try to give her a surprise

The relationship puts you in guessing yourself

Getting dizzy with these questions like Am I pretty enough? Smart enough? Funny enough? You are in a one-sided relationship. You pay too much attention to the expectations of your partner. And the partner makes you feel unconfident about yourself, and then you lose true you to please your lovers.

one-sided relationship
Am I pretty enough? Smart enough? Funny enough?

That’s hurt because your love must love the true you, which gives a long-lasting relationship.

You are always a person saying Sorry first

For any discussion or argument, you always apologize first. If you got faults, that’s fine. However, when the fault not at you and you still say apologize first, you need to consider whether your relationship is one-sided or not.

In any argument, it's always your fault
In any argument, it's always your fault

You always forgive the faults of your partner

Forgiving is a good characteristic; however, when it’s always your partner will get along with, then he gets more mistakes. No matter how he makes mistakes, you will forgive all their faults. This ruins your relationship when you suffer lots of bad things from the faults of your partners.

He says he is so busy with work
He says he is so busy with work

You feel insecure always in your relationship

When the relationship gives you lots of questionnaires like what you should do to attract your partner, how to be more alluring? You might be in a one-sided relationship. Nothing makes sense when you feel so unsettled, mean the relationship won’t be sustainable.

Signs Of A One Sided Relationship 1
You get the insecure feeling

You care all family members alone

When you have to make all plans, even the birthday of his grandmother, you surely are in a one-sided relationship. Your partner cares nothing apart from his work and other strange things.

No replying  because he is busy with work

You are not a beggar to get attention and affection. When you text, phone and get intimate, and so on, and there is no response from your partner. Later he explains they are so busy with these things, which means you are in a one-sided relationship.

one-sided relationship
He does not reply most of your messages because he is always busy

Your partner says that you “want too much.”

When “too much” means you want to spend the weekend together, you want to meet his family, you want to share feelings, etc., your relationship should be stopped. This relationship is unwilling to build up a sustainable family.

one-sided relationship
Your partner says you want "too much"

You are always wrong

Your partner never takes responsibility for what they did to you, adverse reactions, or hurting words. Finally, you must think that it might be your fault and he did right, and you overthink. Don’t trick yourself once again; you are getting stuck in a one-sided relationship.

Why One Sided Relationship Is Always Tough To Tack
The one-sided relationship will ruin your soul

Getting stuck in a one-sided relationship, your love life can be so challenging to be happy. You suffered the bad feeling always, insecure, unconfident, and lonely. You need to empower your spirit to escape from this relationship; if not, your love and your marriage will last in hurting.


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