How To End A Date If You Don't Want To See Them Again

Nari Chakraborty |Oct 30, 2019

If you truly want to end a date and have no intention of seeing that person again, just say it out loud. Keep on reading to know-how!

Have ever you received or done an empty promise like "Let's do this sometimes again!" after a date? But then, you were left hanging or became a ghost? We all experienced this in our love life because we're scared of the awkward moment when we directly end a date.

So, to completely say goodbye to someone you have no intention of seeing again, here are 8 things you should say.

1. "Remember to text me when you get home, okay?"

It's always much easier to say something through texts than in person, so why don't you take advantage of this? Telling them to text you after they get home shows that you care about their well-being. Moreover, it's a convenient way to start 'that awkward conversation' - saying goodbye... forever.

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2. “Hope your... will go as you've expected!"

You are a good listener, or at least, pretend that you're as this is the moment when you need your concentration most. During the talking, they've probably shared with you about their plans next week. So, at the end of the date, you should wish them luck with their plans. We all prefer a happy ending, right?

8 ways to end a date

3. “Thanks for the dinner!"

This kind of compliments is always advisable as it does not need any response other than "You're welcome". However, what if you can not figure out anything to feel thankful for? How about "Thank you for the interesting talk!" (even if in fact it's super boring) or "I've had a good time!" (but it feels like a nightmare).

8 ways to end a date

4. "Let me call an Uber for you!"

Even though you really hate them for their behaviors or opinions in the conversation, you should be nice after all, especially gentlemen. Be polite and friendly, end a date with a hug or ask if they know the direction to their home and a 'friend zone' pat on the back.

5. "Say hi your pup for me!"

Who does not love puppies? So, if you are having a date with a pup owner but may not 'have a chance' to see them again, let them know that their puppies are the only thing you're interested in.

8 ways to end a date

6. "Why don't you take my leftovers?"

As we mentioned above, don't give other people empty promises! Your date obviously doesn't want to wait for 'round two' then don't play with them. However, in case they're really expecting texts from you, give them some leftover snack to make them happy while... waiting.

8 ways to end a date

7. "If you're without roses tonight, it's time to say goodbye!"

Let's end dates like a gentleman or a polite lady, hug them or plant a kiss on their cheek! You should even walk with them to the subway station. Well, that's at least you could do before turning around and walking away... and never coming back.

8. "To be honest, you are a terrible date!"

If they have been really bad, tell straight to their face. There is nothing to feel sorry because everybody needs lessons in their life.

8 ways to end a date

So, it's not 'that hard' to end a date, right? Be honest and confident, we all bump into the wrong person at the wrong time.


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