10 Obvious Signs You Are Stuck In A Hopeless, Loveless Marriage

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 05, 2019

There might come a time when you feel like you get stuck in a loveless marriage. These ten signs can give you a better point of view on this matter.

When people say "I do's" on their big day, they know that marriage will become hard at some point. However, some couples have to deal with too many challenges, more than what they could expect from the beginning. And before realizing it, they are even living in a loveless marriage without viable options.

Your marriage does not crash and burn immediately. From daily arguments to criticism, there are some red flags of which you should be aware. Make sure to remember these ten visible signs you get stuck in a hopeless, loveless marriage.

You Feel Ill

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An unhappy marriage can negatively impact on physical health. Many people feel ill as the painful experiences of love leave them vulnerable and exhausted. If you usually suffer from headaches, neck pain, and insomnia, you are likely to be trapped in a loveless marriage.

Someone Always Snaps

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According to Dr. John Gottman, an everlasting love only exists if a couple can maintain a magic ratio: having five positive reactions for one negative interaction. Things only start falling apart when one, or both of you, are likely to snap at each other in every daily conversation. Everything you say can spark a heated argument and result in emotional pain.

You Are Drowning In Criticism

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You can be cranky to your partner because you are not in a good mood. Nevertheless, if you usually criticize or make offensive remarks, your marriage life will instantly turn sour. As one of the most toxic behaviors, criticism can sabotage a healthy relationship. The love flame cannot be kept alive when both of you always point out each other's flaws.

You Stop Doing Things Together

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Married couples place a high premium on their partners’ support of their necessary obligations. When you and your partner come together and treat each other like best friends, it is the best way to maintain the security of your relationship.

Thus, when you do not see your spouse as a source of comfort or spend time doing fun things together, your marriage is indeed on the rocks.

Your Partner Instinctively Get Defensive

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You understand that your partner is imperfect, making mistakes now and then. You want them to live a better life by giving them some pieces of advice. The worst part only comes when you point out their flaws, and they instinctively get defensive.

If your partner always tries to find excuses, blame others, and refuse to take any responsibility, your marriage will head to nowhere.

You Seek Comfort In Solitude

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When intimacy begins to fade, the two partners are likely to avoid each other, seeking comfort in solitude. You start to look forward to hanging out with friends or staying longer at the office - rather than coming home and snuggling up with your spouse. Spending too much time apart is the red flag of a loveless marriage.

You Start Daydreaming

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You are already married, but now you find yourself daydreaming about your single life more. Those fantasies might sound typical, but in fact, they portray your hopelessness in marriage. You just long to go back to your rhythm of life - a life without the existence of your spouse. Eventually, you start to miss your single life because it gives you all the right feelings.

You Do Not Fight Anymore

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While it may sound counterintuitive, a little bickering can help maintain a healthy relationship. A lack of fighting means that both of you have already given up on what you should not. You feel hurt and disappointed too much that you do not even want to speak your mind anymore. At this point, your marriage may be in jeopardy.

You Feel Numb

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If your marriage is lack of conflicts, it is likely to be replaced by a freezing atmosphere. Both of you still live together calmly, but you know that there is no existence of passion there. You no longer want to put effort into giving love or showing vulnerability. Your marriage seems to be peaceful, but that is precisely the calm before the storm.

You Feel Better On Your Own

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You have invested too much into this loveless marriage, and now you want to find an escape. Thus, you dislike the idea of being together with your spouse. You feel more like "yourself" while spending time apart, believing that you can live a better life on your own.


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