10 Non-Negotiable Traits That Exist Every Relationship

Nari Chakraborty |Oct 30, 2019

While there are certain things that couples can compromise, non-negotiable traits still exist. Undoubtedly, the life of a relationship is decided by these 10 necessary qualities.

While there are certain things that couples can compromise, non-negotiable traits still exist.  Undoubtedly, the life of a relationship is decided by these ten necessary qualities.


If you are only in the early stage of a relationship, asking for assurance seems to be unfair. However, it's essential to know whether you and your lover are "on the same boat" or not. And, both of you want to take your relationship to a more serious level in the near future.

non-negotiable things in relationship


'Affection' here means physical as well as emotional one as both are justly valuable. He/she might give you great pleasure in bed but in return, are unstable feelings. Once you're in love, you will understand that little things do matter. Things like putting your girl's hands into your pocket or surprising compliments will help you get rid of non-negotiable points.

non-negotiable things in relationship


Sometimes, you want to be alone after a long day of hard works; you are not on the mood to talk with anyone, even your partner. But don't! Communication is the key to the development of a relationship. Your partner needs to know what's going on in your mind, not everything but things that are worth to be shared.

non-negotiable things in relationship


This quality is essential to build a strong and healthy relationship. Why do you still stay with your lover when you already know that all of his/her words are all lies? That's a kind of toxic relationship; all of us need to avoid.

non-negotiable things in relationship


When you and your boo doesn't want the same thing from the relationship, don't rush to start it. While one is looking for an FWB relationship, the other wants a more thoughtful status. That's when things come non-negotiable, and that's also when you two need to clarify each other's wishes.

non-negotiable things in relationship


Some people are incredibly certain on the order of priorities in their life, and sometimes, the relationship might not be included in their list. It's not a big deal to them, obviously, but it could become a problem if you two don't make clear from the first place.

non-negotiable things in relationship


It's understandable that not everyone likes experimenting with new things, but you should stay open-minded and get ready for unexpected journeys. Refreshing your relationship with experiences will keep the love flame alive.

non-negotiable things in relationship


When you show your empathy towards your lover, an invisible bond between you two will be built. Therefore, showing empathy means you always care about your lover's feelings and inner thoughts.

non-negotiable things in relationship


Maintaining respect is relatively easy once you know the ways. You just need to remind yourself all the time not to cross the line and gradually, it becomes like unconscious acts.

non-negotiable things in relationship


After all, it still ends up with the trust issue, which is definitely the hardest non-negotiable thing in every relationship. Being a little bit jealous is comprehensible as it's totally natural, but remember not to take it too far. Sometimes, you should only listen to what your lover said!

non-negotiable things in relationship

So, we all admit that non-negotiable things can be negotiated but only with the will of both of you. Going through good and bad times together will give you that strength!


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