10 Brain Teasers That Unveil Your IQ | Are You In Top 1% Of The World?

Hanima Anand |Dec 18, 2020

If you find formal IQ tests monotonous, then you must try these brain teasers to unveil your potentials. Some are easy to many but mind-blowing to others.

In the post below, you will see 10 images including 10 questions. You had better take note of your answers for all ten brain teasers, then scroll down at the end of the post for correct answers.

Make sure you think twice before giving an answer as they are not normal questions at all. Here we go!

10 brain teasers to test your IQ

Question number 1: No matter how little or much you use, you have to change it every month, or even day.

Brain Teaser 1

Question number 2: In its full version, it is everything. But cut it in half, it is nothing. Guess what it is!

Brain Teaser 2

Question number 3: How can eight plus eight is four? Think outside the box!

Brain Teaser 3

Question number 4: Guess the next three letters in the sequence below. Don’t try your Maths rule, use your imagination.

Brain Teaser 4

Question number 5: Imagine you are a bird who views this from the sky. How does it look?

Brain Teaser 5

Question number 6: A dog crosses the river without being wet. There’s no bridge or boat at the time. How could the dog do this?

Brain Teaser 6

Question number 7: A nail is hammered into a tree. If each year the tree grows by 5 cm, how much higher is the nail after 10 years?

Brain Teaser 7

Question number 8: It’s time for a Maths question, but a tricky one.

Brain Teaser 8

Question number 9: A woman gave birth to 2 sons in the same hour, day, and year, but they were not twins. Explain this!

Brain Teaser 9

Question number 10: When you use it, you throw it out. When you don’t, you take it in. What is it?

Brain Teaser 10

Photo source: Brightside.me

Answers for 10 brain teasers

Question number 1: A calendar

Question number 2: 8

Question number 3: 8 a.m plus 8 hours is 4 p.m

Question number 4: I, T, S (the complete sequence is the first letter of every word in the sentence.)

Question number 5: A

Question number 6: The river is frozen

Question number 7: At the same height, as trees grow from their tops.

Question number 8: 11 + 13 + 6 = 30 (turn the 9 around to a 6)

Question number 9: Her sons were two of the set of triplets.

Question number 10: An anchor

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