Triangle Symbol Meanings In Different Forms & Religions Are Surprisingly Intriguing

Rose Advani |Mar 09, 2020

Are you wondering what are triangle symbol meaning on some images, tattoos, and jewelry items? The post will show the main meanings of the triangle. 

Do you wonder what is the meaning of triangles as an upside triangle, downside triangle, triangle tattoos, images, or jewelry items? These triangle symbol meaning understand what is the magical and spiritual purpose of a triangle-contained piece that you see or is given up. 

Triangles contain multi-meanings based on each type of triangles as inverted triangles (up-downside triangle), pyramids, Right Triangle, Equilateral Triangle, Isosceles triangle, and more. 

Triangle Symbol Meaning 1
Not all triangle symbols convey the same meaning.

Types of triangles

There are many types of triangles depending on the field we choose. Regarding its sides and the size of each angle, Triangle can be divided into four main types including the Equilateral Triangle, the Isosceles triangle, Scalene Triangle, and Fight-angle Triangle. 

Classification Of Triangles 1
Types of triangles regarding Mathematics

That's the scientific approach to triangles but different religions and areas in the world have their own distinctive ways to categorize this symbol. Below is just an example!

Triangle Symbol Meaning 2
Various types of triangles depending on different ways to define

Triangle symbol meanings in different forms

Triangle is a simple shape but contains a profound meaning which symbolizes strength. The triangle is an ancient symbol of Deity or the divine union. It’s the strongest shape which is the culmination of mind, body, and spirit of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

With each type of triangle has its meanings. We will mention some main meanings of common types of triangles below. 

1. Inverted triangle – Water

The inverted triangle symbolizes Water which shows purification, healing, and peace. Besides this main meaning, the inverted triangle with adding a horizontal line is Earth (Stability, grounding, and fertility). 

Triangle Symbol Meaning 3
Triangle Symbol Meanings

2. Equilateral triangle symbolism

The first triangle is an equilateral triangle with three equal sides and equal angles which was used in the ancient civilizations and is the symbol of the Deity. For Egyptians, the equilateral triangle symbolized the trowel, one of the most perfect of life. 

Triangle Symbol Meaning 4
Equilateral triangle symbolism

3. Triangle symbolism Buddhism

Triangles are seen a lot in Temples, Pagodas, and other religious places because the triangle symbolizes the power of the number three. Do you know that 3 is the magic number! Here are the main meaning of number 3:

Triangle Symbol Meaning 5
Triangle forms comes popular in churches and temples
  • Luck! (third time’s a charm)
  • Creativity
  • Inspiration

4. Triangle with a circle inside meaning

Literally, Triangle with a circle inside described a circular shape. However, the main meaning of the Triangle with a circle inside was used to talk about the secret societies and satanic groups over the centuries. Additionally, it’s the representative of the Illuminati’s God, commonly known as Satan or Iblis.

Triangle with a circle inside meaning
Triangle with a circle inside is the representative of the Illuminati’s God, commonly known as Satan

5. Triangle symbol meaning medical

Regarding medical, a triangle shape like Δ will imply the Change and Heat.

Triangle Symbol In Medical School
Triangle symbols are used often in dental school logos as well.

6. Red triangle symbol

Concerning the transportation, red triangle means Dangerous which alerts vehicles on the highway that the position had already an accident and alert people to slow down and carefully drive.

Triangle Symbol Meaning 6
Red Triangle Symbol - Triangle symbol meaning

Meanwhile, an inverted red triangle symbolizes family planning health and contraception services, much as the red cross is a symbol for medical services.

7. Three triangle tattoo meaning

Three triangle tattoos means the Valknut which was constituted by three words - Slain warrior’s knot showing the power of the cooperate. People found many three interlocked triangles in a variety of objects from the ancient Germanic peoples. And now three triangles become one of the most favorable tattoos in the world. 

Three Triangle Tattoo Meaning
Three Triangle Tattoo means the Valknut which was constituted by three words - Slain warrior’s knot

8. Penrose triangle meaning

A Penrose triangle illustrates an impossible solid object which was built up by three straight beams of the square cross-section. 

Penrose triangle Meaning
Penrose triangle symbolizes solidarity

9. Pyramids

Pyramids are also a type of triangle. These days, people believe that sleep under a pyramid form, you can optimize your body and heal your pain though there is no proof for that. 

Triangle Symbol Meaning 8
Meditation under a pyramid form

Hopefully, you can understand the meaning of triangle symbols that is put on your item like a necklace, a charm, a card, a tattoo, and so on. With these informative triangle symbol meaning, people no longer get curious about their presence on any object. 

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Custom embroidered patches

The triangle symbol can also be incorporated into the design of custom embroidered patches in a variety of ways, such as using different colors, shapes, and sizes of triangles to create a unique and eye-catching design. Since triangles have many symbolic meanings, such as representing strength, stability, and unity. These symbols can be used to represent a wide range of organizations and groups, from military units to sports teams and clubs, to social and cultural groups. Embroidered patches are a great way to show off your organization's or group's identity and create a sense of unity among members.

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